Immortality for all by 2045: Russian billionaire crazy project, supported by the Dalai Lama

August 2, 2012 14:45

© Photo: Public domain

© Photo: Public domain

The concept, known as "Project Avatar," is to create an artificial brain, intended for transplantation into a human mind, who would govern humanoid hologram. Not an easy task …

The quest for immortality … it is inherent to man for centuries. Another example of this was the Russian project "Initiative 2045".

At the heart of this insane, or, shall we say, the ambitious project is the initiative of Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskova who turns to 1531 billionaires list of Forbes magazine with a request to join forces to finance his studies. The Dalai Lama blessed the deal.

Eternal life, according to the 31-year-old Russian, — is the result plan, consisting of four phases, which will be implemented by 2045. This is the project of "Avatar."

Behind this lies a plan code-named Russian tycoon, providing the ability to create an artificial brain, in order to then transplanted into a human mind, which could control humanoid hologram.

Already involved 30 scientists

In the first stage, for the year 2015-2020, the aim is to create a robot — a copy of the human body, which could be controlled by the human brain.

Then, in 2025, the project envisages the creation of an avatar, in which the human brain is transplanted to the end of life.

The working group hopes to create by 2035, an artificial brain, which could be transferred to the human person, so that in 2045 to reach a goal: to create an avatar — that is a hologram — completely identical to the appropriate person.

According to the website of the draft, they have "the following main objectives: the creation of a new vision of human development, the possibility of a substantial increase in capacity due to cyber technologies, and creating a new culture associated with these technologies."

Youngest billionaire said that already recruited 30 researchers, to further the eternal search (cyber) life. It also plans to open a control center in San Francisco, to track the development of the project. "

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