In Brest opened the Ukrainian House

Brest Regional Executive Committee registered the economic-integration organization "Ukrainian House". According to the statute, the institution will support the social and cultural and economic initiatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in the Brest region. Today, the number of ethnic Ukrainians in the region of about 60,000 people.

"Ukrainian House" in Brest created Belarusian citizens. Initially it was assumed that it would be NGO. But the first attempts to register were found unsuccessful. The founder had to submit to the demands of justice department of Brest Regional Executive Committee. Clarifies coordinator "Ukrainian House" Victor Misiyuk:

"Ukrainian House" is registered as an institution. However, the content, we hope, will differ little from the organization. The main difference — in the areas of activity. After all, the structural difference is really required by law. "

Registration "Ukrainian House" will work in the Brest region. During July and August, "Ukrainian House" plans to develop specific projects of economic and cultural areas. Says one of the founders of the institution Dmitry Kissel:

"Who created the economic department in our" Ukrainian House. "Then -" Public Chamber ", which will take the initiative of citizens, not just members of the Diaspora, but also Belarusians, as an initiative of the citizens of Belarus. Following direction — cultural. Fourth — coach . And the fifth — perhaps most important — new opportunities for entrepreneurs. We look for the possibility of creating joint ventures. "

The Brest region now also acts Public Association "Ukrainian scientific-pedagogical alliance" Bereguinya. "Shevchenko became traditional reading, which take place in Brest State University.



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