In Cambodia, the 3-year-old boy has healing powers

September 13, 2012 10:11

In Cambodia, hundreds of villagers flock to the province of Prey Veng, in the hope to recover from their illnesses. Here in the community Koch Rock lives unusual boy who is believed to have healing powers. Child's name is Ray Rong. He is three years.

People bring water, candles and money as gifts and placed them on the ground next to the house boy. They hope that it will save them a touch of their ailments. In addition, the miracle child with his father makes traditional medicines from plants.

Patients do not require to pay a lot, but everyone should bring the boy at least a half dollar in the local currency, that he touched their things. Some bring in large amounts, wanting to be among the first one to touch three healer.

Grandpa Ray Rong said that the boy became famous after her aunt was able to help. She is seriously ill and conventional doctors could not do anything. Child collected medicinal plants and said that we should make them a drink. Having done that, his aunt was cured.

The news of this event spread through the villages, and people began to come to the boy to be treated. And now, almost two months to the house a little healer patients coming and coming, reports

Rong paradise — the third of five children in the family. They call him a saint.

Yom Ung, Grandpa Ray Rong:
"I saw that the holy boy does not speak much, but — take it and you will be cured. Then he touches things that bring patients to him, walking on them, and they become sanctified, and patients use them for treatment. "

This 66-year-old woman says she felt better almost immediately after use with water, blessed Paradise Rong.

Chuon Ian, the patient:
"I can eat more, sleep better and feel the power again after the use of water and conditioner from the holy boy. Yesterday I could barely walk here from the boat, which had come. "

And the man brought his wife here, who underwent an unsuccessful operation in Vietnam. He says that now that the use of water, blessed child, the wife began to recover.

Chea Gnin, husband patient:
"My wife got better after water, blessed boy. It is unbelievable that the lid closed bottle of water is so powerful, even more than traditional medicine. A few days earlier, there was a monk. He drank half a bottle of holy water, he felt well and went back to her. So many people come to believe and to be treated. "

About three thousand people from all over the country come here hoping to be healed. They say that some of them are actually recovered, but it is impossible to confirm.

Now native Ray Rong do not want to continue to be treated. They fear that the child does get sick, because it is very busy and little sleep.

Media representatives boy's family does not allow you to capture images of the treatment process. According to them, the little healer not like the presence of journalists.

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