In China, crashed UFOs




Denis Larikov

Unidentified flying objects, according to media reports from all over the world, visiting our planet with amazing regularity. Much rarer are reports of unidentified bodies falls, plying the celestial spaces. But this sometimes happens, though no wreckage while the public was not presented. Either they fall in difficult terrain, or fall into the hands of the competent services.

Recently, the news of the UFO crash came from China. In the north-west of the country — in Gansu province — around midnight, hundreds of people witnessed the flight of a strange glowing object which they describe as a bright ball with a three-meter tail. A few minutes later there was the sound, as from an explosion, "which shook the earth." On an area of 100 square meters. kilometers around the provincial capital — the city of Lanzhou — were recorded oscillations of the earth surface.

In the local police received about seven calls from worried citizens, half of them reported an unidentified object in the sky, and the other half — an earthquake or a meteorite. Go to the crash site of a celestial body was sent a search party, but so far the operation has brought no results.

A similar phenomenon in early December took place in Australia. There, near the town of Tari from the sky flew a celestial body. His fall was also accompanied by a bright light in the sky and thunder. The meter readings indicate that the power of the explosion was 500 — 1000 tons of TNT.

Senior researcher of the Institute of Meteoritics of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Badyukov said that the object most likely was not a meteorite, because a similar power of the explosion suggests that the body was flying at very high speeds, not peculiar to meteorites.

Find out what exploded over Australia would help the wreckage, but they did not stay on the ground, they fell into the Pacific Ocean.


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