In court voiced printouts of telephone conversations Neklyaeva and Sannikov

On the fourth day of the trial of former presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and Vitaly Rymashevsky and Young Front Infusion Palazhanka, activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Alexander Feduta, Andrei and Sergei Dmitriev Wozniak listened to the testimony of witnesses, and considered the written submissions of the case. Almost an hour by the prosecutor read out the roles radrukovki calls Neklyaeva.

In the first half of the day in court as witnesses: a human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina, Associate Protestant church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin, Journalists Victor Martinovich andPeter Martsau, publisher Paul Beetle, bus drivers, who on December 19 vymushynya had to change the route. Some of the witnesses did not appear, and the judge made the decision to begin to consider the written materials of the case. Lawyers objected, but the court did not heed him.

Prosecutor Tanners reported that several phones Neklyaeva prasluhovvalisya from 9 to 18 December, with the approval of the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Conon.

I would not want to be honest, neither present nor listen to all these things.

Vitaly Rymashevski in the process, said that "listening to other people's conversations indecent, he considers incorrect present in the room, as it personally, these conversations will not be applied. But the judge said that Rymashevski should stay. During the break, Vitaly Rymashevski said he was not surprised:

"For the conditions of the Republic of Belarus is a normal phenomenon, as shown by the trials. This is the norm of our life. In Europe, a democratic court, probably not. As a human being you can be indignant, but nothing unexpected for me there, unfortunately. While it is certainly a shame. I would not want to be honest, neither present nor listen to all these things. But I have to. "

The prosecutor read out by roles Neklyaeva conversation with Sannikov, as well as journalists, "People's Freedom" radio "Kommersant FM», Radio Liberty.

According to Andrey Dmitriev, these things are moral, if they expose the crime. If, for example, talks were announced people who bombed the Minsk metro, it would still be understood:

This is done intentionally, just to make people angry, just split them …

"And when the conversation sounded presidential candidate (not even matter what the status of a person, he is a candidate or a simple man), and it is his own conversations, and, besides, they are not fully voiced. At today Nekljaev were chosen precisely those passages where what he says can be interpreted as an insult or incorrect statements about another person who is present here, too. And this is done on purpose just to make people angry, just quarrel among themselves. "

At the end of the meeting a lawyer Neklyaeva Vladimir Bukshtynav filed a motion for investigation of the legitimacy of the decision of the Deputy Attorney General of Conan wiretapping of his client, especially because at the time he was a candidate for the presidency. The judge rejected the request.

Continuation of the process — on Thursday, and 10-am.


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