In Gorodoksky established cross party anti-Soviet uprising

Memorial cross placed near the old church in the village of Medical Sciences on the initiative Gorodoksky activist Leonid Autukhou.

Avtukhov said that the money spent on the production and transportation of the cross in the village Belts — This public donations. Iron memorial cross about three meters in height, it was decided to put near the old wooden church — a monument of architecture of the 19th century.

Mr. Avtukhov believes that this is the best place for a monument to the participants of anti-Bolshevik uprising that swept east of Vitebsk in 1918-19:


"The holy place, church. Took part in the uprising residents Gorodetsky district. And I think, that before you go to battle with the anti-Soviet regime, they certainly went to church to pray and receive the support of our Savior. We ordered a sign of granite, and it will be made on the anniversary of the uprising, until November, and will be installed at the foot of the cross. "

While that is attached to the cross temporary sign with the inscription: "To live in truth, it is necessary to speak the truth. Tell the truth! "

According to Leonid Autukhou, public campaign "Tell the Truth" has chosen a very accurate slogan:

"Belarus today — a country that has been mired in lies. And in the company of "Tell the Truth" found these two words, without which it is impossible to defeat the dictatorial regime established in our country . "

Chairman of Gorodok district office BPF Leonid Avtukhov, who took part in the establishment of the cross, today, could not get to his consecration. The car, which was conducted by Mr. Avtukhov, under the Township stopped by the local traffic police. The official reason for the delay — the confusion with the numbers the machine, and therefore it had to return to town and about two hours to deal with the police.

Father Dmitry sventsits cross.

Greek-Catholic priest Father Dmitry, who came specially for this purpose from Vitebsk, blessed the cross and prayed for those who died in the struggle for freedom:

"They're just defending their homes. But this was an example of resistance. Sometimes it is said that the Belarusians are — come and take them, they are all welcome. But that does not mean that they are welcomed here Bolsheviks. What do they know who the Bolsheviks. Let us pray for the victims here. And sanctify the cross. "

According to Dmitry's father, there is some hope that the consecrated cross would not be destroyed by local authorities. While this is a sad experience: in 2007, the year set by the initiative of Leonid Autukhou cross in honor of the rebels near the village Frolov stood only three days. Then he disappeared, and the police could not find the thieves, although Mr. Avtukhov written dozens of reports and complaints.

And today, the police punished him. Not only that, he did not hit a new memorial cross, he was still fined 7 thousand for the label with the "chase" on the car. At the traffic police have inspected and declared that the other claims to have no opposition.

Believers pray for the souls of the rebels.


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