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Scientists have found us as much as two brothers on reason

That's because, according to Dale Russell would look reasonable dinosaur.

Recent research shows: the nature of several attempts to organize intelligent life on the planet. Fortunately, they failed.

But the candidates to possess a highly developed brain were dinosaurs and dolphins.

Brother 1: went missing

Not all dinosaurs were stupid. This became clear when paleontologists have unearthed the remains of stenonihozavra — Raptor rise about half a meter. He walked on its hind legs, had a rather clever "hands" with a well-developed large — grasping — finger. But most importantly — had an impressive skull, which could easily fit a chimpanzee brain. Or ape-like creatures — our ancestor. These lizards, silhouettes which were somewhat similar to human, lived over 100 million years ago.

The humanoid appearance stenonihozavra strongly excited Canadian paleontologist Dale Russell. And he, taking advantage of the laws of evolution, has calculated how could look dinosaur, if implemented the framework laid down in it. It turned out being that colleagues called dinozavroid or reptoids — a race intelligent dinosaurs. Russell, along with sculptor Ron Segyunom even fashioned it out of fiberglass and installed at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Similar figures emerged later around the world. Dinosaurs in general have become very popular.

— They were sick with cancer, like people, and perhaps this is a result of their undoing — says yet another similarity between "big brothers on reason" with us Bruce Rothschild of the Northeastern University College of Medicine. He studied the bones of some weird altered dinosaurs and came to a startling conclusion.

— Lizards were warm-blooded, — adds Dale Russell. — Recently we found a fossilized heart of one of them. Heart — four-chambered, as in humans and other warm-blooded creatures.

The people who came to the museum to look at the older brothers in mind, was shocked — huge, in half of his face, eyes with vertical stripes of the pupils, prominent forehead, thin lips, a greenish-gray skin, a hand with three fingers like claws, scales … Well, just an alien from outer space. No — seater. That's what looked to be the owners of the Earth, and carried the eggs hatched, if not extinct 65 million years ago, and the nature of the experiments did not continue to build intelligent creatures.

Dolphins do not have to think deeply, and so they all have.

Brother 2: went to sea and never returned

The results of the experiment show the next Dolphins. It looks like they still have a meaningful language, which is of almost equal human. We understand it is not given. But we already know that whistles, clacking and gnashing of "intellectuals Sea" followed by certain batches. And not just resemble words, and bear some information. It showed the mathematical analysis of their "speech", held at the University of California (USA). Besides, other than humans, dolphins only recognize themselves in a mirror.

On the one hand, such ability is not surprising. After all, the brain of dolphins on the relative sizes comparable to men. And by weight — even larger: 1.7 kg on average, against our polutorakilogrammovogo. And they convolutions twice as large. But the dolphins zaimeli so large and convoluted brain? Why? What for? These questions attempted to answer American biologists at Emory University. And not answered.

— There was a kind of mutation — says research director Lori Marino. — Reasons it is not yet clear. The skulls of ancient dolphins we only managed to establish the approximate time when they were "get smarter." It turned out that the intellectual evolution of dolphins began 47 million years ago. People on Earth at that time was not in the project, even in the form of monkeys.

Dolphins first lived on land. Then for some reason went to sea. There have lost arms and legs, but smarter. Although not immediately, but 35 million years ago, their brain suddenly surged.

The next leap occurred in another 20 million years — the brain again became larger and its parameters close to the current human. In fact, while the Dolphins were the only such brainy creatures on Earth.

More or less than Homo sapiens appeared only after 10 million years, beginning with the evolution of a much smaller brain. But he managed to become the crown of creation. At least we think so.

In total

The third attempt was the most successful

There is a hypothesis that nature abhors more than one species of intelligent beings. But it is able to experiment, consistently choosing the most appropriate of the available candidates.

"Big Brothers" — dinosaurs — have failed to survive. "Medium" — Dolphins — swerved to the side of progress. So I had to bet on people. But if our predecessors had to create at least some civilization? Unknown. Secrets hidden in the thick of some terrestrial rocks, and others — at the bottom of the ocean. There are, however, found a strange "technical" details like bolt that tens of millions of years. But for serious scholars argue it is not.

Enthusiasts as nothing special, and find not. They believe that dinosaurs were still reasonable — a dozen of millions of years they have been on it. And then flew away with the unfavorable at the time of the Earth to another planet on which to create their own civilization, now known in the science fiction world called Draco.

Dolphins were, but somehow degraded — has long been engaged in no creation, as younger brothers, the people, and lead an idle life: fishing, swimming. Why this big brain? Some scientists believe that dolphins saved it, turning it into a repository of information. What is it? Some dreamily believe that the dolphin brain "recorded" the entire history of civilization. And expect to ever "hack" the carrier long-term memory. Or decipher the language of dolphins that they themselves told me.

Skeptics say that the Dolphins need a big brain to memorize only the outlines of the coastlines, not to get lost in the ocean. But cleverness they were never denied.

Perhaps, and we are waiting for a similar future in a few million years? Unless, of course, do not become extinct as the dinosaurs. But the nature in which case someone will pick up for the fourth attempt. Maybe a monkey? Other candidates is not visible.

Vladimir Lagowski November 26, 2004

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