In Japan, one of the plant emergency declared in connection with possible radiation leakage due to the earthquake

At a nuclear power plant (NPP) in Japan declared emergency (ES) due to damage caused to it by the most powerful series in the last 140 years of earthquakes. It is reported that due to the possibility of leakage of radiation guide NPP in Fukushima Prefecture has introduced emergency measures to prevent a possible threat, the "Xinhua". However, official data on raising the level of radiation has not yet been reported.

Honshu island never ceases to shake — the number of recorded earthquakes has reached 22. Power was the last straw, according to the National Geological Service of the United States, from 5.4 to 6.5 on the Richter scale, the earthquake foci are located at a depth of 45.3 km.

Magnitude of the first earthquake, which has become the most powerful, was 8.9. The earthquake began at 7:46 am, and the rest took place almost continuously for more than two hours. Closest to the epicenter was the town of Mito and Tokyo — 35 km and 67 km respectively

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