In JUVO spent firings new «Tor-ME»

In JUVO spent firings new
At Kapustin Yar combat units JUVO spend shooting of the new AAMS «Tor-ME.»
Modern AAMS «Tor-ME» is specially designed for destruction vetoletov, aircraft, drones and other weapons systems including precision-guided missiles, floating at the maximum low-level at any time of day, in all weather criteria.

Anti-missile system is capable of detecting and comp 10s targets within 30 km., To conduct simultaneous firing 4 of them at a height of up to 10 km.
Intelligent electric control system «Tor-MU» itself can find more terrible goal and give advice combat crews prioritize fire.

To work with all the new tool gunners went 3-month training at the Training Centre defense in the Krasnodar Territory in the program development training comes TTX AAMS, operational aspects, the base implementation of combat

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