In Lithuania, the first president buried

Today in Vilnius buried Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas, the first president of the newly independent Lithuania, the democratically elected. In Lithuania, such a ceremony is held for the first time. The first funeral of the country was marred by a misunderstanding with the Catholic leadership.

Leaders of the Catholic Church in Lithuania is not allowed to make a coffin Algirdas Brazauskas Archcathedral in Vilna, where there was a prayer for the dead president.

It Algirdas Brazauskas handed Archcathedral believers when was the first president of Lithuania. Church leadership has not officially commented on the decision, but unofficial sources quoted by the Lithuanian press, attribute this to the fact that A.Brazavskas not take religious marriage with his second wife Christina.

The wife and daughter of the deceased and his family did not attend the Mass in the Archcathedral and went to Mass at Kayshadorys, the town where his childhood Brazauskas. Dalia Grybauskaite, President of Lithuania, also attended the Mass, saying it has already prayed for the deceased and did not want to participate in the political games of the time of burial.

At Mass in Archcathedral were foreign visitors, the former president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus, Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius.

Lithuanian Prime Minister said he did not think that is the day of funeral evaluate the decision not to allow the Church to make a coffin of Algirdas Brazauskas in Archcathedral:

"The Church is guided by its canons, moreover — the church is not necessarily the place for state ceremonies."

Ex-President Valdas Adamkus, where Algirdas Brazauskas was prime minister, met with him regularly for the disease. Valdas Adamkus told about these meetings in an extensive interview to Radio news:

"I guess no one is surprised when I say that he was ill, we were never spoken. We discussed political matters, life in the country. He cared about the people of Lithuania, he was a realist, realistic seen what happens in Lithuania. When I look at the time when he worked for the prime minister, I can say that it was the work of a very productive, loyal, and above all, aimed at the welfare of the people. I say this not because it made the dead to speak either good or nothing, and I say so, as indeed it was at the time working with him. I'll tell you in a simple way: it was really very good Lithuanian master. "

To say goodbye to Algirdas Brazauskas came to Vilnius former and current executives of Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Finland — Valdis Zatlers, Guntis Ulmanis, Thomas Hendrik Ilves, Andres Rjujtel, Lech Walesa, Aleksander Kwasniewski, Martti Ahtisaari, as well as the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashviliand. From Belarus pahvanni was vice-premier Victor Storm.

At the funeral, and was attended by representatives of the United States, European countries, diplomats said.

After parting with Algirdas Brazauskas coffin in a special carriage to the sound of the bells were taken from the column hall Prezydentury. Brazauskas was buried in the cemetery near Armory Antokalskih volleys, prayers of the bishops Kayshadorysa, where he spent his childhood, and the tears in the eyes of friends and relatives. Residents of Lithuania Algirdas Brazauskas also held back tears.

Algirdas Brazauskas served as the president of Lithuania twice within three months from October 1992, being the chairman of the Diet, and then, within five years, from February 14, 1993, when he was elected in a democratic way with the support of 60% of the vote. Brazauskas has held three senior positions in independent Lithuania, and also three times been in top management positions in Soviet Lithuania, and he was the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lithuania. In independent Lithuania, Brazauskas was one of the leaders of the Social Democrats.

From 1998 Algirdas Brazauskas since 2008 struggled with serious illness — limfagranulamatozam. A year ago, the ex-president diagnosed with cancer, but, according to doctors, the disease he was able to win.

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