In Minsk, can restore the church of the Dominicans

Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee supported the Society for Protection of Monuments Anton Astapovich reinstatement in October Square in the capital of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church — a monument of Baroque XVII-XVIII centuries.

According to Anton Astapovich, In his letter of Architecture and Urban Planning Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee informed that the proposal of a public association aims Directorate Unitary Enterprise "Minsk legacy" for consideration in the design of multi-level car park in October Square.

As noted Astapovich, in a letter to the leadership "of the Minsk heritage," he asks in writing, inform the public about the outcome of the sketch proposals.

The foundations of the church — One of the most beautiful and important monuments of Russian architecture, which was destroyed in 1950, were recorded in 1986 at the corner of International and Engels about the Palace of the Republic. Church was a richly decorated trohnefavuyu padovzhanavosevuyu Basilica. Neighborhood can not be improved differed pomp, was decorated with frescoes, included a 14 altars. The choir was the largest and most beautiful in the body — by 24 votes.

Despite the severity of the modern urban situation, the restoration of the lost monument of architecture, in the opinion of the public, and perhaps from the technical side is easy.

Who is developing research and design for the reconstruction of the October Square to the construction of a multi-level underground car park which will relieve the transport from the historical center of the capital — the upper town and organize on its territory pedestrian zone. As part of this project offers Astapovich consider restoring a historic concert hall of the former church as one of the architectural landmarks of the city center, which is organically razmyazhue granted a period of XVII-XIX centuries with an ensemble of the mid XX century.

Restore the ruined monument to the appropriate national and international legislation, including point 3.1 of Article 36 of the Law "On the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage Republic of Belarus"And the Riga Charter 2000 on avtentychnastsi historical reconstruction on cultural heritage.

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