In Mogilev police defended the court of the Orthodox


At the entrance to the court security guard demanded a passport. Many of the faithful came to the court with the other documents, passports and they generally do not. The ban on entry believers began to dispute, then the security guard called the police special forces. Save the situation came two burly policemen with machine guns. Old, which kind of scared policemen were ordered out of the courthouse. Some would go out and cried.

Later, the court passed a few people whose names are read from the paper police.

Half an hour after vydvarennya believers from the court building to two commandos arrived five other policemen. One of them was shooting old men with a video camera, and they were trying to prove their claims policemen.

Half an hour later the faithful present at the trial reported that their claim is not satisfied.

Police explains why believers are not allowed to be at the hearing

Placate the faithful came to the police with machine guns

At the Court came to the elderly. Only one looked about forty


Mogilev, believers

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