In Novgorod resident filmed the fall of UFOs

May 3, 2012 18:15

Airspace Novgorod visited the unidentified flying object. In any case, it was claimed by the residents of the regional center Igor Lapkin, and confirms its own assumptions videography.

Igor Lapkin recently served in the Air Force, said that often looks to the sky. Like watching a plane flying over the house. That's it from the balcony of the 5th floor once Igor saw something.

The young man even calculated the trajectory of falling UFO, in his version of the object allegedly fell near the TV tower at Yaroslav's Court. When we reached the alleged falling space object, our crew did not find anything suspicious.

In parting, Igor Lapkin warned us that if we do not find anything, it means that a space object is dropped to the bottom of the Volkhov. Maybe next plans underwater archaeological expedition will be somewhat changed in connection with this event and instead antiquities archaeological divers will find a visitor from outer space.

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