In Papua New Guinea fish pacu castrate young fishermen

January 8, 2012 7:14

In Papua New Guinea British Dzhemeri Wade caught a pacu fish with powerful teeth and chelyustmi, which, according to local residents, the fish swimming in the water castrate young fishermen.
The channel ITV next week in a series of programs "River Monsters" Dzhemeri Wade will show the film was shot in Papua New Guinea. Intrepid traveler, who 53 years old, spent a few weeks in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea in order to catch this dangerous fish, after he heard from local fishermen story about a creature that removes the testicles from the fishermen when they are in water.

 His efforts were successful, he was able to catch in his small fishing boat pacu fish or local slang «Ball Cutter» (Bell Cutter). After a hard struggle, he pulled 18-pound fish, and when he opened mouth, his teeth was stunned fish. These were powerful humanlike teeth.
Pacu fish uses them to tear off the testicles of unwitting flying young boys fishing, leaving them to bleed to death.
Fish have powerful teeth of a man and strong jaws that allow them to barbarism. At least Dzhemeri learned of two fatal cases of fishermen, although he believes that it should still have the "happiness" to run into this fish, because, according to his observations, she was very careful.
Pacu fish, normally lives in the Amazon, powerful teeth are needed for cracking nuts and seeds, which she eats. 15 years ago, it was released in Papua New Guinea, for the replenishment of fish stocks. Because of the lack of suitable plant food, the fish have adapted to feed on meat.

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