In St. Petersburg, there were owners Ural Hachiko, who rides on the tram to the university

November 8, 2012 7:37

But now I find it very dog …

The history of the "Ural Hachiko", last week became one of the main topics for discussion in RuNet, will be continued. We stray dog who every day goes by tram in Yekaterinburg University, found the hosts, though, now lost your dog.

The history of the "Ural Hachiko", last week became one of the main topics for discussion in RuNet, will be continued.

Last week, one of the most debated topics in RuNet Yekaterinburg is the story of homeless mutts who every day goes by tram to the university canteen. Information quickly spread through all social networks. "This dog knows all passengers tram routes in Yekaterinburg, following one of the central streets of the city. Dog sits on the same bus stop and go to a certain place. And mongrel always climbs on the seat, disdain to ride standing up.

Conductress just shrugs Dog "Bunny" became commonplace. She usually sits on the marginalia that does not hurt. Chooses a time to get in the cabin there were few people that it is not able to drive away from the scene. Deliberately chooses double trams to always have a place. Do not travel at rush hour knows that the crowd will push it carefully. He goes strictly by the same route. On Kuibyshev Street out of the salon and go to the dining room of the university. There, apparently, it fed. And then in the late afternoon, before the rush hour, come back route. Passengers do not touch it, the conductor is not thrown out, because the animal is behaving very nicely. So people respectively, "- says the record, which received a record number of Fortress in RuNet.

Meanwhile, it became clear that the story is not new. About the dog, riding the tram, Ural newspaper wrote in 2009. However, the information for some reason, is most popular right now. And just now discovered an intelligent dog owners, with the preamble of the story is that the mongrel is called "Ural Hachiko."

We stray dog who every day goes by tram in Yekaterinburg University, found the hosts, though, now lost your dog.

"Her story turns heartbreaking, difficult — wrote on his page" Vkontakte "user Irysh Dmitrievna. — My friend took her to the streets of Yekaterinburg, a vagabond, a tiny puppy. Named Dodge. She was playful, flirtatious, insanely tender, but wildly shy. Soon after, in 2000, we moved with her to Vyborg. This city is like the three of us in different ways. But Dodge — Gulf of Finland. At the sight of him she literally took down the dog's head, she did not even really know how to swim, just rushed to the water's edge. About a year my friend had to go back. Dodge he took with him. It so happens that for various reasons we have ceased to communicate with him. A 4.5 years ago, he was gone. She had to give to other people — my friend's son (also at that time have not lived in Yekaterinburg) took her unfamiliar people his father for 110 km from the city, in the old duck. Many years passed. And the other day here, "Vkontakte", I came across an article about mongrel, which is often seen traveling alone in Yekaterinburg trams. And she sat on the seat, his whole appearance indicating that going "like a dog" on the floor — beneath her. It is this plus the resemblance made me realize that maybe it's our Dodge.

Perhaps this is the dog, which was then a passenger tram

My son and a friend had come to recognize that to her where she is. It turned out that the new owners of this coward ran away 4 years ago, somehow breaking back to Yekaterinburg hundred kilometers. Some I wrote that allegedly fed her in one of the dining rooms of the city, but now there is nothing about it do not know. We're trying to find every way Dodge! And we are grateful to all those who will help. "
Unfortunately, veterinarians claim that the probability that the dog is alive, is quite small. "The duration of the dog's life depends on its size. Medium in size dog, called "Ovcharoid" live about 10-12 years — and with proper care — told the "New Region" in a veterinary clinic of the city. — And when you consider that today the dog in question, about 14 years old, the probability that she is alive, unfortunately, not great. "

Now your dog can not find one, maybe she died

Add that any EMUP "TTU" nor in the university cafeteria, where, allegedly, fed the dog, about the dog did not hear anything. However Yekaterinburg on forums and blogs leave a variety of information about what they had seen "a mongrel of the passenger." They say that in the summer in the morning she was getting into a tram stop in the "South" and went to the "Kuibyshev" ("Belinsky"), and in the evening return back to the same route. However, no confirmation of this information is not available, but the former owners' tram dog "still looking.

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