In the depths of the mysterious lakes. Continued Part 2

There are plenty of places to look for dinosaurs

If you believe the stories, occuring in different parts of the globe, the lakes, where prehistoric monsters living on Earth a lot.
In Lake Kol Kol (Kazakhstan) "water spirit Aydahare" eats birds and animals. His once saw Kazakh Alexander Pechersky and local historian has described as a giant snake longer than 15 feet.
China has long been talk of a lake monster Khanas. In the summer of the 80th ichthyologists tried to catch his strong network of 100 meters long and weighing about a ton. They found their network in just a few days, and repair it is not subject to. Because the holes in the canvas reached twenty-meter values. In 1985, the monster saw students Sintszyanskogo University. And local residents have long been convinced that it was a water monster responsible for the permanent disappearance of animals and birds. Recently, he again comes to the surface in front of a dozen witnesses. That's just no cameras at the ready …
In Scotland, the weight of the lakes is suspected that they are living relatives sister Nessie-Kouych, LeMond, Lohs-Loki. And to Loch Morar is not recommended approach for several centuries. Because SIDS living in it, though, and does not offend people, but has a very intimidating look and makes a terrible moans.
In Ireland, many witnesses claim to have seen in the lakes Bray, Bren, Glendlok, Loch Ree, Mac and Neath being exactly like a plesiosaur of the popular books.
In Sweden, the notoriety enjoyed Sturshe lake. In the beginning of the century newspapers wrote about the monster hunt at night on the belated nature lovers. A recently discovered there are clearly printed on the shore of the huge footprints, which could leave a poor representatives of the fauna of the area. In June 1998, a mysterious creature were able to capture on film. Not very clear.
In Chile, in the waters of White Lake, they say, lies a giant lizard. The same monster could live in the lake Vaytorek (Australia). Local residents have repeatedly observed in the depths of a giant creature.
In Canada, the Lake Manitoba (north-west of the city of Winnipeg) — According to the legends and contemporary eyewitness reports, live relict animals of medium and large sizes. In the 50s a local fisherman caught Oscar Frederickson skeleton out of the water, which was identified as "belonging to an eight-essentially extinct millions of years ago." In 1960, the zoologist James McLeod Lake examined and declared that "these giant reptiles could well persist to this day."
In Okanagan Lake (British Columbia, Canada), according to numerous witnesses, lives prehistoric monster with barrel-shaped dark body with fins, a long neck and small head. In the 60 years of the messages that disgusting animal species appeared before the people, and even pursued them appear almost monthly. Okanagan received the unofficial status of "Canadian Loch Ness" and has become the Mecca for tourists. The nearby area in recent years, declared a nature reserve, and every building in this area is forbidden, "so as not to frighten the rare animal."
Flethed Lake, Montana (USA) and also serves as a refuge "classic" lake monsters reminiscent of prehistoric long-necked dinosaurs. In any case, who saw the creature "yellow with a cow's head on a long graceful neck" without number. A catch, though none has succeeded.

And on land and at sea

However, not only the lake chosen for their habitat monsters, as if made for the computer geniuses "Walks with Dinosaurs."
Residents in the village of Campo Puerto Rico swear and swear reporters that it got into the habit to a flying dragon. This is admitted even by the priest, who had seen with their own eyes the terrible winged creature, like a kangaroo Green, whose back is covered with a hard shell, and his eyes red and glow in the dark. Monster, named chupakabras is at night, dogs biting off the head, pounces on sheep and cows, tearing their throats and drinking the blood of …
And innumerable findings, which suggest that the legend of the giant monsters can be made on the grounds.
In 1988, a fisherman Teddy Tucker found on one of Bermuda's giant multi-ton object of biological origin. Exploring the discovery, the experts concluded that the creature, to whom this "object" belonged, was a minimum length of 75 meters …
Of course, it goes everywhere on single representatives, a herd of dinosaurs 20 goals zoologists would surely have noticed and studied. And wrote in the calendar of classes and types. Perhaps the poor single to survive, have transgressed the laws of genetics and ethics, spoiled their genes incest. And that means that degenerate. But how, pathetic, or mutants bred specimens of fauna healthy 200-thousand-year-old inhabit our bodies of water, if we did not catch any. And do not believe in their existence.

Suffocating stench of death

Two lakes in Cameroon again ready for a gas attack on the people, as was the case in the 1980s.

Beautiful killer

Mohammed Musa Abdullahi woke up Saturday morning sick and listless. The day before he fell ill and lay in the building of the school. Abdullahi walked to the house and suddenly noticed that the streets of his village, in the north-west Cameroon, frightening silence reigns. Roads and yards Subuma were littered with corpses. People were lying as if dead on the move or in the middle of a conversation with a neighbor. Killing all dogs, all the cattle from the trees fell dead birds and insects.
Since August 21, 1986 in the village on the shores of Lake Nyos killed 11 members of a family Abdullahi and another 1,700 of his compatriots. He survived because he was in a closed office, at school, built on a hill.
Nyos — the lake of great beauty — surrounded by mostly cultivated fields, spectacular cliffs and green hills. Pearl-gray surface serenely calm, but deep down we are continuously build explosive strength. Nyos — it was once the crater of an active volcano, the eruption of which five centuries ago on the bottom left igneous plug. It is compressed and cooled by water pressure. Such lakes around the world a lot, but only two are able to kill all life on their shores. The second lake — Monoun — is located 95 kilometers south-east of the NREN. And both of them are ready to explode.

As it was

Because of the deep volcanic activity, which is still ongoing, carbon dioxide is constantly being raised through the pores in the igneous rocks. Meets with groundwater dissolves in them and with them falls into the lake. In the bottom layers of the lake accumulate a hell of a mixture that does not mix with the upper layers. Usually in the crater lakes of water periodically agitated, aerated waters rise to the surface and the gases without damage to the natural environment are scattered in the atmosphere. But in Nyos and Monoune boundary between the layers is not disturbed.
Gas continues to saturate the deeper layers of water until some external event will not disturb them. This may be a strong wind and sea, unusually cold weather (when the upper layers of the water cool and down to a depth), landslide or earthquake. Part of the deep water rises from the bottom, carbon dioxide is released from the solution and bubbles rushes up, carrying an even greater number of bottom water. According to the process of inertia increases rapidly: a few bubbles turn into a gas stream, and finally as an open bottle of champagne, a highly aerated water fountain breaks up. In 1986, the RAT this "fountain" hit the height of 80 meters, and all around drowned in a cloud of carbon dioxide.
Heavy, twice as heavy as air, gas down on the lake shore and choked all life in its path. When in August 1984 exploded Monoun lake, killing 37 people. Lake Nyos is bigger and deeper so it is deadly force is able to carry out man
y more lives. The gas cloud covered the surrounding area with a speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour and quickly gets even to the villages, located 20 kilometers away from the lake. The latter, who was killed by the explosion Nyos, a girl, the morning after the eruption came down the hill into the ravine filled with gas.

How will it be?

Lake Nyos certain to break out again. According to the latest data, now in the lake two times more carbon dioxide than it was during the previous explosion (0.4 cubic kilometers, and now only 0.17 cubic kilometers in 1986). A disaster can destroy the fragile dam in the northern part of the lake, and then it would break water into the territory of Nigeria, where the flood settlements of more than 10,000 people. Despite the fact that after the crash in 1986 3,500 people were evacuated from the banks of the lake and settled in safe areas, many are back — they are attracted by the fertility of the local land and rich vegetation. Corn fields in southern approach to the water, on the slopes of the hills grazing cattle, which look out over the Fulani herdsmen. Also in the early 90's some European researchers released a bezrybnoe long to poison its inhabitants, the lake Tilapia — fish from the rocks Dupin. This experiment led to the fish bred in large numbers, and the locals are not seriously addicted fishing.
In 1999 he arrived in Cameroon international group of scientists to investigate the deadly lake and, if possible, find a way to save him from the poisonous gas accumulated in depth. But the distance from major population centers complicates the task: to thoroughly examine and even more degas the lake can not be in a hurry. Although the project degassing there to be no money. It did not help bring them even to UNESCO. After all charitable organizations accustomed to correct the disaster has already happened, not prevent them.


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