In the Polish presidential debate once again reminded of Belarus

In the third part of society debate devoted to foreign policy and national security, Bronislaw Komorowski again said he did not support the idea of talks with Russia on Situation in Belarus.

This possibility has in previous debates, Jaroslaw Kaczynski said.

"There is no agreement on that and not to the affairs of Poles in Belarus to talk with Moscow. This is the same if we were to accept the fact that the German Chancellor was talking about the affairs of the German community in the (Polish — Ed.) Silesia with Russian President Medvedev . This is a mistake from which Mr. Kaczynski has possible rather give up "- said Komorowski.

His rival Jaroslaw Kaczynski during a recent debate on Belarus is not mentioned.

Voting in the second round of early presidential election Poland will take place on July 4.

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