In the Republic of Korea completed the trial of the first domestic HELICOPTER

In the Republic of Korea completed the trial of the first domestic HELICOPTER
In the Republic of Korea (ROK) absolutely completed tests of the first Russian helicopter «Surion» (Surion), said defense procurement agency programs.

It is understood that the new product will replace the UH-1H percussion and light helicopter MD-500, which regularly are more than a dozen years. Already ordered 245 helicopters «Surion» means the release of up to 300 units a civilian version of the rotorcraft.

Development «Suriona» by Korea Aerospace Institute (KAI) involving other Ghosn and different manufacturers of aircraft was conducted in the period 2006-2012. The project took a total of 1.3 trillion won difficulties (1.17 billion dollars). During the test was conducted two thousand flights plaque with all this was 2700 h, ITAR-TASS news agency reported.

To test the feasibility of multi-purpose helicopter act criteria low temperature rotary-wing aircraft were sent to Alaska, where it took 50 days of tests at temperatures up to -32 degrees. C.

Length «Surion» is 19 m, height — 4,5 m, cruising speed — 250 km / h It can hold 10 one hundred percent-equipped troops. The new helicopter will be used in airborne operations.

«As a result, the creation of a broad infrastructure for the release of this multi-purpose helicopter was laid the groundwork for the helicopter industry the Russian aerospace industry. Used in the development of its leading technology will be applied in other industry sectors, vklyuchayaavtomobile and shipbuilding, and information technology, «- said its developers.

With the development of «Suriona» South Korea became the 11 states created his helicopter, in this regard the agency Yonhap.

The helicopter is equipped with two gas turbine engine rated at 1600 hp T700, production «General Electric».

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