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December 18, 2011 23:57

Batman does not happen only in the movies, sometimes creepy like creature with wings instead of arms is quite possible to find, in my seaside taiga

Batman does not happen only in the movies, sometimes creepy like creature with wings instead of arms is quite possible to find, in my seaside taiga.
With the so-called "flying man" Primorye met another famous traveler and explorer Vladimir Arsenyev. About the meeting, he said: "My dog trailed behind. On the trail, I saw a bear track, very similar to the human one.

Alma bristled and growled, and after that someone quickly ran to the side, breaking the bushes. Alma clung tightly to my feet … At this time, something happened that I did not expect. I heard the flapping of wings. Out of the mist came out some weight, large and dark, and flew over the river. Dog EXPRESSLY fear all the time huddled at my feet. At this time the shouts, cries like a woman … Udegei evening started a lively discussion and talk about the fact that in these places there is a man who can fly through the air. "

In 1944, the "flying man" saw two soldiers, who in the southern Primorye evening drove to his unit provisions of the village. At first, their attention was drawn down from the sky a huge ball of fire, and then they heard the heartbreaking female screams, and then the very monster. This meeting before the effect on their psyche that soldiers had to be transferred to another location.


Has been hit by the "flying man" in 1968, one of the coastal hunters. In the winter to escape the storm, he found refuge in a cave. It turned out that she already has a boss. Blinded diluted hunter fire, from the far corner of the cave it ran a real monster. Here is his description of the Far East of the newspaper "Gentry": "Huge wings span more than two meters is a continuation of the hands. The human head covered with thick down, there was no hair on the "face." Huge eyes and almost indistinguishable mouth and nose … "

The creature seems to be trying to get out of the cave, but in his way was a hunter. A monster with a terrible shriek became claw hands hunter that he covered his face. Only when the man fell, the monster jumped out of the cave and disappeared. Hunter somehow washed and bandaged his wounds, with a gun in hand, he waited out the night around the campfire. Monster, apparently, did not like cold weather, and he tried to go back to the cave. Hearing a noise at the door, the hunter shot a shrill cry, and the flapping of wings.

Hunter left the cave in the morning, but before he reached the village, passed out on the trail. Fortunately, he found the time. In the battle with the monster, he lost an eye, and the fear of the monster stopped going to the taiga.

STRANGE "gliding" at Mount RDA

At Mount Pidan mysterious creature of tourists watched Alexei Lazarev. First they took him for gliders, but the unusual design of the "wings" and children of the pilot figure immediately attracted their attention. One of the tourists sent to "hang glider" camera, gave a more close-up and saw that the little man flying with wings instead of arms …

In 2000, during a severe forest fire of blocking fire near a military facility helped engineers. When they dug a trench from the burning wood seemed a huge flying creature. Alas, no one could really see him, but wingspan monster was, according to eyewitnesses, from 2.5 to 6 meters!

"Batman" is not only in the Far Eastern taiga. The U.S. has repeatedly observed "winged people", and in densely populated areas. The latter fact raises the question of their origin. If, on the stretch, yet it can be assumed that these creatures preserved in the Maritime region since ancient times, is where they come to the U.S.?


American newspapers in the late XIX century often wrote about the "flying man", who've seen a lot of witnesses. At one time, the monster often visited Brooklyn, writing pirouettes in the sky over the astonished townspeople.

In February 1922, one William S. Lamb at night first saw a UFO, and some time with him has landed "great flying creature", more than two meters tall. It passed through the snow by a tree, behind which hid a witness, and disappeared.

Many frightened flying monster, two young couples, Wheel November 15, 1966 in the vicinity of the town of Point Pleasant in search of his friends. In the darkness of the old factory, they noticed two bright burning in the dark red circle, all of a sudden, they moved to the car, and they saw that his eyes are huge terrible creature more than two meters tall, which has been behind … folded wings.

Young people have decided to get out podobru — bacon, their car dashed on, and at that moment a mysterious creature soared straight up. For a while it is not particularly straining, pursued the car literally flying at a speed of one hundred miles per hour. After the publication of this terrible monster called the meeting "man-mole." Until the end of November of this monster saw several witnesses, and all of it caused indescribable horror. It should be noted that there are cases where both the "man-moth" eyewitnesses observed and UFOs. Then a monster with wings disappeared, and after a while forgot about him.

After three decades, the famous American ufologist John Keel thought of a winged monster and drew attention to the fact that its appearance is often preceded by the emergence of "big body", closing the star, that is a UFO. According to John Keel, UFOs do not come to us from the depths of space, they come to us from a parallel dimension. Perhaps, with the passage of a UFO one world to another arose in the "window" and accidentally break any creature, otherwise inherent, not our world.

By the way, the "man-mole" is again seen in the United States (Kentucky) in 2004, the witnesses could not even make his shots.


It should be noted that the winged monsters seen in Mexico. In late August 1967 the guard Jose Padrino guarding the construction site at night heard a suspicious clicks. With a rifle at the ready, he jumped out of his booth to catch a thief. However, in light of the moon instead of a person saw a winged monster, a walking toward him, just gnashing his claws on steel beams and alerted Jose.

The Mexican did not even shoot, he rushed headlong into the booth and locked himself in it, soon there was a noise of wings, a terrible monster departed. Morning arrived the authorities viewed the traces of the monster, photographed, the pictures were even in the newspaper. At length the tracks were little more than 30 cm, and its depth was 10 cm We even managed to calculate the weight of the beast — 300 kg … But the next night, increased protection, the visit was repeated, and flew for two beings. Eyewitnesses claimed that they had human heads — male and female.

Newly winged monsters were seen in Mexico in summer 1994 near the farm "El Sabino Ranch." One of the workers in the cemetery saw creature waddling went on a parallel path. He had a bird's wings and legs, covered with feathers, but the shoulders and head looked like a man. Although the monster clearly saw a man, he slowly took a few steps and then just took off. Later the same monster seen in the cemetery woman who came to clean up the grave.

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