In the South Pacific, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3

In the South Pacific, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3An earthquake measuring 5.3 occurred last night in the archipelago of Tonga. As the Australian Seismological Service, it was in the center of the south-western Pacific Ocean, 220 km south-east of Tonga — Nuku'alofa, at a depth of 172 km.

Tremors were felt in a radius of 227 km. No casualties or damage were reported.

According to seismologists, the threat of a tsunami is also unlikely. Islands of Tonga, Vanuatu, Fiji, Kermadec, like the neighboring Solomon Islands, located over a vast underwater plateau, stretching from the coast of South America to New Zealand and Antarctica. Its edges are deep "trough" associated with a belt of volcanic mountains that frame the ocean. Within the Pacific Ring of Fire that are longer than 40 thousand km are constant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, including underwater.

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