In the Transnistrian town is kind of hell


In the village of Butor Grigoriopol Transnistria wound barabashka. For several months in the homes of villagers, strange and frightening things: itself illuminates furniture, crockery moves, and someone turns the unknown icons hanging on the walls.

Pranks Barabashka or scientifically, the poltergeist began in the winter. Locals first waited until the abnormal phenomena in nursing stop, and then asked for help wherever they could — to the priests, fire, told reporters.

In the farmhouse for some strange reason, there are cases of spontaneous combustion

A resident of one of the houses in the village Butor said that one day while at home, I felt a strong burning smell. When she entered the room, she saw that the light pillow. In this case, the room was empty. While the woman put out the pillow, in the next room broke out sofa.

With these bottles fly off the cover

Needless to say that the room was empty, too … The day began and did strange things: a tightly sealed bottles began to fly off on their own cover, hanging icons someone turned the faces of the wall, and after a while in the house for no apparent reason, a strong burst fire.

Someone turns the icons

Burned all the furniture and clothing, but the wiring, which sinned firefighters remained intact and, as it turned out, was intact. Therefore, after the examination of the scene firefighters, confident that the cause of the fire — in a short circuit, are seriously thinking.

One day there was a fire

Gennady Polishchuk, Inspector of Fire number 9, said that, in his view, it was abnormal phenomenon. But in the official report it to write about it but could not. The neighboring house also occur mysterious fire. Residents told how in the corner of the house suddenly flashed fire.

People are at a loss

While it was extinguished, right in front of frightened people capsized little lamp on the table, and lit up the tablecloth. Now the villagers are afraid to sleep and try to spend most of the day on the street. A resident of the house with a poltergeist:

— We already are shaking hands and legs in fear.

To help the distraught residents 'enchanted' house came a local clergyman.

— According to my experience, not very frequently meet with such things. Here we try the forces that we have, — said Father Sergius.

The fire appeared in this corner

Owners of the house said that sanctified the house twice already, but the strangeness continues.

Now the villagers Butor do not know what to do next — nowhere to run, moving costs money and time, and the mysterious fire continue.

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