In the UK, will the Academy for spies

In the UK, will the Academy for spies

In England, can be created by joint training academy for intelligence officers. The proposal was made by one of the leading think-Tank countries International Institute for Strategic Studies.

In his report, Global Strategic Review 2008 Institute experts say that despite the promised after the scandal with the Iraqi dossier reforms made was strong enough. The only agency that has called oscillation data Iraqi dossier — Defence Intelligence Staff — got laid off, her staff was reduced by 20%.

One of the problems, according to the views of the Institute, is that intelligence analysts are not able to put yourself in the place of those whose behavior they are analyzing. IISS experts believe that spies were unable to predict the actions of Saddam and his entourage. To increase the professionalism of British intelligence officers IISS proposes to make «joint intelligence academy, which would provide a basic training course for all beginners intelligence community.» The Academy also could serve as a «college» for those officers who are expected to more than the highest positions in the security services.

Recall that according to Richard Tomlinson, now training MI6 officers conducted on six-month course IONEC. IONEC purpose is to prepare beginners to Professor level, the right to work in MI6 low administrative positions. Half of the classes are held in the classroom. There candidates studying business management in the department, the theoretical framework of how to approach with the right people, recruit them, manipulate them and receive information, listened to stories about the transactions, communicate with other departments of the agency.

The main training base is Fort IONEC Moncton, the largest and best preserved of the four coastal forts that were built by Henry VIII to protect Portsmouth harbor strategic concept of the French fleet.

Unpretentious building of yellow brick, located directly opposite the police station on the British High Street in Southwark, officially the municipal archive. In fact there nedavneshnego time to another school located MI6. During his studies, candidates spend one week in the Borough, the other — at the Fort. Attractions in Borough devoted Administrative and theoretical nuances of there instructors acquainted with the history of the candidates, the purpose and course of action department.

That offer specialists International Institute for Strategic Studies, most resembles the FSB Academy in its present state: in other words training novice students and «increase faculty qualifications» — Faculty of leadership training FPRK.

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