In touch — ghosts!

January 14, 2012 18:01

When most of us hear the stories about the contacts of people living with the dead, the first reaction is usually — mistrust. The man is quite flexible mind, and the thoughts of the deceased, fatigue or stress state may well provoke a dialogue with the "ghost." This will explain to you any psychologist. But is it all just as it seems at first glance?

Hello, I'm from another world!

In Nikolai Semenovich B. wife died. She was only forty-nine. Heart could not take …

Five years after the death of Lydia S. Nicholas accepted the invitation of an old friend to celebrate birthday of his granddaughter. My host introduced him to a woman who seemed widower suitable candidate for a new marriage. Life then takes his own! The whole evening, he actively courted neighbor at the table. Going home late …

Approaching the house, Solomin said that in the three outermost windows on the fifth floor is a light. These were the windows of his apartment! And then … in the kitchen window seemed to his late wife! He saw a great painfully familiar features, brown hair … She Lida!

Cotton on their feet, he went to the front door, got to my floor, and looked through the peephole. It turned yellow spot light … Finally the owner decided to press the buzzer. Somewhere inside the apartment there was a subtle clinking of glasses, and then — easy steps.

The door began to slowly, reluctantly, to open … in the hallway was dark. Stepping inside, Solomin flipped a switch … The door stood still in the middle of the opening and shut behind him. Something ethereal rustled past him to the kitchen to … Shouting the name of his wife, a man rushed there. The kitchen was empty … On the table stood a bowl of steaming meatballs, salad bowl with sliced tomatoes, a plate with a fork and two glasses of vodka. One of the glasses was covered with a piece of bread. On the back of a chair hung a colorful robe of his late wife, five years provisevshy in the closet …

Here Solomin slapped his forehead — well, how could he have forgotten! After all, today — the anniversary of the death of his wife! Exactly five years … Every year, prayed for her, and here — here, the guests left! That's the dead woman, and reminded …

Of course, no proof of the truth of the stories, there can be. The ghost then saw one Solomin! And dinner, prepared the deceased, he ate one. Like if he did not invent it all — just "priglyuchilos." Subconscious reminded that he is guilty before the deceased is not mentioned a …

Trap ghosts

Ph.D., a corresponding member located in Penza International Academy of Ecology and Life Sergey Volkov created a scientific laboratory, responsible for studying subtle abnormalities (as researchers call ghosts, goblins and other devilish). Scientists argue that using special equipment can "call" the inhabitants of the underworld dimension in our world. To do this, set up a regular TV broadcasts on free channel. Put the camera in front of a mirror and two, one — behind the TV face of the lens, and the second — behind the camera. The vicious mirror "trap" for otherworldly vibrations. This is called "the method of resonance loop." Between the TV and the camera put any object belonging to the dead man, whom they want to contact. Thing, the carrier particle energy of the deceased, is a catalyst for the process …

Of course, not every "communication session" ends with a real contact. But researchers have already received the first recording images of ghosts. True, they look pretty thin and you can immediately determine that before you a human face. Usually the dead appear on the screen in the prime of life, no matter what age or state of health they were before death.

Sergei Volkov believes that "subtle essence" is always present with us, but they can be seen only under certain conditions — for example, after a rain or thunderstorm when the air is electrified. What's the subtle world, trapped in the range of visibility, often mistaken for a UFO.

You can call the spirits and artificial means, for example, with the help of magical rituals. According to Volkov, we are talking also about working with tonkoenergeticheskimi vibrations. No wonder girls are speculating on her spouse with mirrors and candles. Researchers do almost the same thing, only using more sophisticated devices.

In addition, Sergei N. there is a "magic wand" technology with magicians seventeenth century and is a walnut stick tipped with a special material and a thin wire, "silver" inside. But the secret of using magic wand scientist nobody open — in fact, says that in the hands of an inexperienced person it can result in serious hazard. Most likely, it's all in the same conductivity.

Perhaps there are "transitional" worlds, in which a man gets to a new birth. While there, he can sometimes communicate with their loved ones from the previous incarnation. That is the essence of these "transitional" measurements we see in our world. For some reason the dead can stay a long time in a state of transition, harassing the living, and then said that his soul was "find no rest." Special rituals are able to help him to go to the next world, from which there is no return.
Author: Inessa Perov

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