In Ukraine, the museum opened Chupacabra

October 22, 2012 15:58

Evidence of the existence of such an animal as a chupacabra — no. A museum — is already there. In the Sumy region of Ukraine opened the exhibition on the mysterious hunter livestock. Placed in the school exhibition. Biology teacher believes in the existence of the mysterious animal.

Report correspondent of Channel Ekaterina Ivanova.

This amateur photography, perhaps the most important exhibit of chupacabra. Mysterious creature with sharp teeth found in a swamp dog. Hosts long could not believe his eyes, and that the neighbors do not take them for madmen, removed all the mobile phone.

After such convincing evidence of Chupacabra in her honor in Ukraine Romny opened a museum. While this is just a school class. The hunter for sensations, a biology teacher Vladimir Litovka sure — the exhibition will grow. Mystical animal increasingly comes to man.

Vladimir Litovka, museum founder Chupacabra: "People who have met with El Chupacabra, say they tsepeneyut a few minutes, fall into a stopper. Disrupted mobile communications. "

Although, the scientist with the chupacabra has never met. But, in his museum has photos trace wonderful animal, and even left scratching. In Ukraine, allegedly recorded case of an attack on the person.

Vladimir Litovka, museum founder Chupacabra: "She calculates in advance and know what we'll do. This creature is immune. No one has yet found his home. "

Researcher only a couple of normal and does not know who is actually chupacabra. There is even a version that is a pet aliens. Galina Prihnenko believe in mysticism. How else to explain the deaths of several dozen rabbits. The woman says that she had seen a creature on two legs like a kangaroo.

Yard Prihnenko have long turned to the anomalous zone. Chupacabra in the night screaming, interferes with sleep, and very cleverly opens the cells of rabbits.

Scientists amateur footage with a strange beast somehow not interested. Only school teacher understood — is a sensation. But to confirm the existence chupacabra too late. Body mysteriously disappeared. Right out of the ground.

Litovka but still hopes to meet with the mysterious creature. No wonder that all the free time he spends on the ambush. And the need to expand the museum. Take a look at the mysterious exposure come, even those who do not believe in the Chupacabra.

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