In Volyn opened two new automatic hydrometeorological


Two automated meteorological stations opened in the village Lyubeshov Volyn region, which is located in the floodplain of rivers Stokhid and Pripyat.

As the Volyn hydrometeorological, installation of these facilities was made possible by the joint Ukrainian-Slovak-Belarusian project "Monitoring and forecasting of floods in the basin of the Pripyat River", which is funded under the NATO "Science for Peace and Security."

The station is a compact object, equipped with special instrumentation and a modem.

Head of Volyn Hydrometeorological center Rostislav Bondaruk notes that this is the fourth station in the area with which forecasters can determine the level and temperature of the water, and the air humidity in the comfort of hydrometeocenter.

Information from the stations to the server comes every 15 minutes. The data in real time are published on the Internet and each user can see.

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