Indigo children know the past of the Earth

November 15, 2011 21:44

People with psychic powers: the messengers lost civilization? Recently, the world became increasingly children are born with extraordinary abilities. World calls these kids differently. In France they are called "Teflon Child," because they do not fit the generally accepted patterns of behavior. In America, they — "indigo children" and "children of the light."

Many scientists believe that the emergence of these children shows that the coming spiritual transformation of humanity, which begins to develop a new mindset. The case has come to the point that on January 30 in the United States announced the World Day of indigo … Who are these exceptional children? The answer was surprisingly simple: America saw a reason to celebrate the numerous problems of those children who have traditionally classified as "difficult" …

Riddle "sphinx behind the ear"

Ten-Boris lives in the town on Zhirnovsk Volgogradchine. Already 4 years old, he began to "go" in areas known anomalous zone Medvedetskoy Ridge — Blue Mountain. And the way there he no showed just one baby disappeared from kindergarten and was found by police in an anomalous position. Then the same thing happened a few more times. As he got to the Blue Mountain, the boy can not explain to this day.

Parents Boris, quite educated, who do not believe in any hell are people who are very concerned about the phenomenal abilities of his son and how he perceived by others. They say it would be just as happy if their child is no different from the rest.

His mother, specialty doctor was very surprised that even on the 15th day after the birth of her son began to hold the head. The first word he spoke to four months, and six months to see a nail on the wall, clearly said, "Give carnations!" In the year and a half without the slightest difficulty reading through the headlines, two became amazingly beautiful paint colors. When Boris went to kindergarten, the teachers were impressed with his intelligence, language skills and unique memory.

Parents often notice that the knowledge and skills acquired son not from adults and from the outside world, and through some unknown channels, as if reading the information from them. Boris's mother said: "It gives such details about Mars, planetary systems and other civilizations, that my husband and eyes popped climb … Space — his favorite theme of the age of two. He once said that once lived on Mars, that contrary to the findings of scientists, this planet is inhabited, but experienced a major disaster in its history, has simply lost the atmosphere, and its surviving inhabitants hid in underground cities. When Borenka was a Martian, he often flew to the Earth in the research expeditions. Even ran a spaceship! But … it was a long time ago — in the days of Lemuria promaterika — that is, about 70,000 years ago. On the death of a lemur he says, as if it took place before his eyes. He says that their civilization died because ceased spiritual self-improvement. In general, we do not know what to think about all this … "

One day my mother brought Boris Ernst Muldasheva book "From whom we come." He has long studied the texts, viewing pictures of lemurs, Tibet pictures of pagodas, and then indignantly: "What nonsense is written here! It was not so … "And for more than two hours without stopping very exciting told his parents about the Lemurians and their culture. In this case, said that the most authentic information about where it came from the earth the human race, will be found under some pyramid, similar to the Great Pyramid, which have not yet discovered. His narrative, he ended by saying: "Life on Earth will change only when humanity finds the Sphinx, which is the" behind the ear. " What this means, I do not remember … "

In this study with Boris solid complexity. First, he enlisted at once in the third grade, but then tried to do to get rid of the baby. And what the teacher will like that it is constantly interrupted, arguing that it is wrong lessons … Who says the boy is engaged at home specially hired a teacher for a long time taught in a school for gifted children academician Shchetinin.

Boris himself said that he came to Earth in order to promote the dissemination of new knowledge, through which poor people in the world will be less.

Rainbow Kids

The term "Indigo" in relation to gifted children introduced Nancy Ann Tape — a famous American psychologist. As a psychic, she began to stand out as a special group of children, which has dominated the indigo aura — a specific blue. It is the color of so-called third eye — the energy of the bunch, which, in the opinion of parapsychologists, concentrated in the center of the forehead, and is responsible for intuition and abnormal abilities. In general, we all subconsciously sometimes read out some information from the aura around us. For example, due to sympathy or antipathy when we first met. But ordinary people, and this is limited and indigo children exist on the level of consciousness, paranormal constantly. Therefore, they are able to read the knowledge and skills from different energy flows and communicate with the other worlds. Recently, foreign researchers, physicians are faced with an astounding fact: many of these kids changed the DNA code …

Seemingly unusual ability to provide for children indigo clear advantage among peers! However, their strength — their weakness. The problem is that they live in a world that is based on a materialist mindset. And, as a rule, immediately face misunderstanding, and even aggression from others, most of them see life differently. Dislike for kids "not of this world", usually expressed in very rough shape, it's a real blow to the psyche. After all, when esoteric knowledge presents authoritative healer in the context of scientific explanations, he is seen as a man with superhuman abilities, but the same information is delivered through the mouth of the child, most often taken negatively. Well, if the parents of the child have the awareness and sensitivity, and at least heard something about the subtle worlds. And if not? This is where the real tragedy is played out: the child begin to mock, to punish, to persuade, and even put a disappointing diagnosis. Indigo children respond with depression, and sometimes aggression as possessing unusual abilities, innate knowledge of meditation, the properties of herbs and stones, know how and why to use them.


On children indigo written mass of scientific reports, but a consensus on this phenomenon, scientists have not come.

— No matter what the color of their aura, — says Galina PhD in psychology Taratynova. — Are united by their constant state of enlightenment. Several of these kids, I tested with the scientists from the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity Sciences. Checking them with an electroencephalograph, we actually had a balanced development of the two maps of the brain hemispheres. That is, they have emotions and logic work synchronously! But this is an ideal environment for creativity. It turns out that the indigo children innate predisposition to creative activity. Only she should be allowed to develop.

Of course, much of what is said Taratynova, can be attributed to the properties of ordinary talent. What strange is that a boy or a girl is clearly set forth the essence of things, or, for example, good paint fantastic pictures? However, everything is not easy!

By Sasha Agapov scientists began to look closely when he was barely 12 years old.

— I woke up one day and felt a craving to paint in oils, — says today, 19-year-old Alexander. — Drew globe, split into two halves, and more with a brush did not leave.

His painting "The Secrets of the Universe", "Be gone," "The Messenger of Tomorrow", and many others now exhibited in many countries. Quite ordinary-looking young man, Sasha happy to talk about their previous lives, "I can fly anywhere mentally. Usually — in ancient Egypt. One time was right next to the pharaoh. Before him stood a citizen. Suddenly — a flash … After it, I looked at the eyes of Pharaoh that person. Then I was taken to prison, and did not let us eat. When finally given a bowl of cereal, I ate with her hands … I also remember as a priest burned out on my shoulder branded slave. "

In addition, Alexander treats all his relatives, preparing them for tea for high blood pressure and various ointments, prescriptions which invents itself. "The composition comes to my mind as soon as someone calls for help, — he says. — When faced with a new disease, just go to the kitchen, taking different ingredients and mix them into mush. Then diluted with water … One very angry with an acquaintance. Looked at this point in his picture, and the next day to hit by a car … Thank God, not death. Since then, I try not to cook any drugs in a bad mood: what will poison. "

Indigo children often try to "fix", stuffed with injections, tranquilizers, causing them to lose touch with your true "I". But today their ability to more relevant than ever, because the Earth as a planet in many aspects brought to the crisis, for which there is a question of the survival of humanity itself. And that indigo children show the majority of people, what is the true path and human potential.

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