Instead, the court Sergei Kovalenko, was admitted to hospital

The activist was summoned to court, where there had to disassemble the case on the fact of his latest arrest. But he is in the hospital, where a pressurized delivered his "ER."

Sergei Kovalenko said that the second city hospital came to him bailiffs to check whether he is ill. The activist does not exclude that the result of today's trial could be arrested — to "isolate" him custody on the celebration of Independence Day on July 3. After all, such a situation has occurred: just Today the court should analyze a police report, drawn up by activists on the eve of City Day celebrations on July 25-26. Sergei Kovalenko, was detained on the street, he was carrying a white-red-white flag, and on the First Department of Internal Affairs drew up a report on him for disorderly conduct.

The activist said that the police is worried that he is not hanging out flags during mass events. Just today, for him to come to the hospital staff Pershamaiski police department, who reported that he had under supervision, as shall become legally binding verdict on the criminal punishment for hanging out a white-red-white flag on the city's main Christmas tree on January 7. For this opposition activist sentenced to three years of imprisonment "conditional" — without the content in the penal institution. The convicted person can live at home, but has to work 8 hours a day, return home no later than a certain time and not break the law and order.

Also Sergey Kovalenko told that today psychiatrist examined him. The activist is a suspicion that a specialist doctor called at the initiative of the police, who want to be quickly released from the hospital and condemned once again to the "day" in the detention center.


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