International Day of UFOs

July 2, 2012 10:02

© RIA Novosti

© RIA Novosti

July 2 ufologists mark the International Day UFO (unidentified flying object, Eng. Unidentified flying object, UFO).
Date Picker International Day UFO due to the fact that in 1947, on this day there was a so-called "Roswell incident": next to the American town of Roswell (Roswell), New Mexico, crashed a vehicle, which many consider alien ship — the "flying saucer" with aliens on board.

 July 8, 1947 in the newspapers, it was reported that the U.S. Air Force, which the military has a flying disk, discovered in one of the ranch near Roswell. Several hours later, a rebuttal was made commander of the 8 th Air Force Brigadier General Roger Ramey.
According to the official explanation "Roswell incident", in the outskirts of the city fell not a UFO, and the equipment top-secret probe of the "Mogul" to monitor Soviet nuclear tests.
However, after a few years, Major Jesse Marcel, who in 1947 was chief of intelligence Air Force Base, gave a sensational interview in which he said that the history of the probe was invented to cover up: Marcela said, "they were the objects of extraterrestrial origin."
Despite the lack of direct evidence of the fall of the Roswell UFO, annually in early July in the city comes to 50 thousand people to take part in a unique festival in which host seminars, lectures and special exhibitions.
On the days of the festival in Roswell the peak tourist activity: hotels run out of space, snapping up souvenirs from "alien" symbols, costume parade held aliens.
Tourists show monument, "proving" authenticity "of the wreck." The inscription on the monument reads: "We do not know who they were. We do not know why they came. We only know that they have changed our view of the universe. It is a sacred place for all pointed monument in July 1997 and is dedicated beings met their fate near Roswell, pieces. New Mexico, in July 1947. "
Roswell is the International UFO Museum, which opened in the early 1990s. The central exhibit of the museum is a doll representing a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, allegedly found on the crashed ship.
UFO industry annually brings the city's economy about $ 5.2 million profit.

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