Internet in the arms of the state care

July 1 in Belarus came into force on the presidential decree number 60 "On measures to improve the use of the national segment of the Internet," as well as relevant government regulations.

In the online club — only on passports

Long before the start of the decree number 60 shaft criticism provoked a decision on the delivery mechanism for computer clubs and Internet cafes: 1 July — just after the identification of the individual visitor. In one of the capital's clubs have confirmed that no documents are now out there doing nothing.

Developers regulatory framework argue that the user identification, recording and storage of information about online services are implemented in order to "ensure the safety of citizens and the state."

Registration sites: actual boycott

From now on, all business entities that implement in Belarus goods and services over the Internet are required to use only the information systems and networks of the national segment — that is located on the territory of the country. By July 1, all resources must be registered in the State inspection of telecommunications. In this structure, refusing to name the number of registered resources, but there is evidence that many website owners are actually boycotting the process.

"It remains uncertainty with the fact that now all of such sites do. Several of our customers just said, as the responsibility is not defined, we will not disclose anything, anywhere is not going to carry anything and do not have to register. Thereforethis still There are more questions than answers, "said the head of the hosting company" Extmedia " Maxim Savchenko.

In early June, hosting providers have sent a collective appeal to the Ministry of Communications and Intelligence and Analysis Center at the president to postpone the deadline for the registration of at least the fall. According to them, to legalize all resources before July 1, is physically impossible. Arguments Internet community went unheeded.

Government agencies ignore the decree

Alert analysts point out that the law does not apply at all to the same extent. For example, according to the governmental decree number 645 public bodies are not only obliged to publish information about their activities on the official site, but should register domain names in zones i, and organization — in the zone by. According to blogger Victor Maliszewski, before July 1, no ministerial website is not moved to the area or Even the newspaper "Respublika" — the official organ of the Council of Ministers, the one who writes prescriptions for internet device — has not translated its website to the domain by.

According to the documents yesterday ended with the state registration of information networks, systems and resources that Internet service providers are beginning to implement the identification of the subscriber device users to record and store information on such a device and provided internet services. In addition, the decree regulates the mechanism for restricting access to unwanted information.


Internet regulation

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