Is it time to change the terminology?

K.Uilber modern American philosopher once said on national languages: "Language is not just about telling the world, reflects the world, describes the world. Language rather creates the world, and in this creation of his power. Language creates distorts carries, reveals, conceals, lets crushes, enriches and enslaves. Language in our time has become a demigod. "

Adam Mickiewicz, who heard our language only in the mouths of peasants forced to write for our educated segments of the population in Poland, knowing Russian, praised Belarus (then called Litvinenko Ruthenian) as the most harmonious and of all Slavic languages the least altered. The destruction of our language, the current government is one of its crimes.

But this article is not about the national language, and the language of the concepts that are used in the policy. It is even more than national, creates the world reflects it describes … and (add) makes clearer the essence of what is happening to ordinary people, without whose support the policies of their goals do not normally reach. The phrase to ellipsis — it is pure postmodernism, the essence of which is that there is no neinterpretavanay reality, there is no objective truth, no givens, no hard facts, the phrase after an ellipsis — is plain, old

Confucius said that the reforms (changes) to start with rectification of names

philosophy, according to which there is a certain reality, the reality of the facts that you can with some accuracy by various concepts to describe and explain. Confucius said that the reforms (changes) to start with correct names.

Risen our image is defined as a dictatorship. Such a definition is primarily suited the Kremlin that dictatorship presupposes not only the lack of rights and freedoms, but also suverennasts our country, which will hide the Kremlin's influence on Lukashenka. The Kremlin is also beneficial to have a zone where it can test without risk, their political strategies for the future of Russia and where her henchman voiced regarding its Western (Russian) secret thoughts. West made this determination because we have it clear signs that, in the meantime, did figure importantly in relations between Russia and Belarus. And what is the charge? Here we must turn to history.

"Moskal is a cunning" — wrote in his "peasant truths" Kalinouski — he wants to give nothing, to make people think that he already has everything he needs; Moskal fails, robbing our guy, get him

West pryzvychavsya believes that the colony is somewhere beyond the seas, and the colonized peoples are on the lower level of development

to think that it's for his own good. Moskal cunning, say again, referring to the royal, the Bolshevik diplomacy, Russian and Soviet historiography, Russian culture, who have managed to make the West think that Russia and the Soviet Union were not the colonial powers. West pryzvychavsya believes that the colony is somewhere beyond the seas, and the colonized peoples are on the lower level of development.

But Russia has won the west of the country with a higher level of development, and these were her neighbors. What contribution to this deception has made Russian literature, the book shows Eva Thompson "Pesnyary Empire" (Minsk, 2009). For those who have not read the book, who cuts hearing the phrase "Moskal is a cunning" who are interested in the question of why the Russian people still have all their troubles explains the collapse of the Union and the Union wants to restore, consider the work of Tolstoy, this is the most honest Russian the writer.

Consider it so because it is sometimes expressed sympathy for the conquered non-Russian peoples, did not consider the love of the homeland and the nation Alpha and the Omega of human life (ie, trying to find some moral regulators, sought the meaning of life). (Remember, by the way, that the Bolsheviks were the proverbial love of the Motherland (Soviet) managed to blow up to epic proportions, and now it is supported by man-hating anti-Western works of the second world war and all — love of military subjects, where they, accidents Russian kill. Dare to suggest that the Russian people is one of those people who have aesthetic principles prevail over moral. image of Onegin, who shot his friend and offended girl's first self-love Tatiana, the image of the aristocrat Petchorin scoundrel who insulted and killed Bella, the image of robber Stsenki Razin, robbed coast of Persia, floats on his canoe into the open river waves and throws her Persian princess, choke the Russian man preaching about good and evil. first Russian indifference to good and evil have noticed, as you know, A.Chaadaev. now with this indifference in the guise of corruption Medvedev and crime fighting.)

Contrary to, for example, Pushkin and Lermontov, who looked at the Highlanders as savages and criminals, and on the Caucasian war — as an adventure, Tolstoy described the Highlanders as decent people who have a lot to learn. And despite this, Tolstoy his talent contributed to the confusion of Western and Russian public, obscure the essence of colonial Russia. Take his novel "War and Peace". He was admired and "red" Lenin and the "white" Solzhenitsyn. Western intellectuals perceive him by Russian reality and the Russian soul. Roman claims to the most truthful account of the events 1805-12 period. It is called an epic novel, according to him include movies. We will not focus on the mastery of Tolstoy masking the fact that the Russian-Austrian army lost the battle of Austerlitz thanks byastalennastsi chief M.Kutuzava, as well as Tolstoy's characterization of Napoleon as arrogant nobodies. We will not dwell on the false image of Tolstoy's Russia, populated by noble people, and that is free of imperfections and the estate of slave states of the peasants. Let's look better on something that concerns us and that Tolstoy had hidden. Namely, Napoleon invaded the Russian, but to Smolensk was not on Russian territory, with a population met Napoleon as a liberator, one-fifth of the troops of Napoleon was the gentry of the Commonwealth (ie, Lithuania and the Crown), which wanted to restore it to its old borders and these are not just the Polish regiments after the French were the most loyal and battle-worthy part of a large multi-lingual Napoleon's army, and the natives of our land in the war, also played a significant role, as better than any other known Russian specifics. What all of this was known in the Russian army in Russian society since then? Or maybe it was unknown L. Tolstoy, who on the basis of

And the king and the great Russian pravdalyubets dreamed of one and the same — the greatness of Russia, which, given the chronic backwardness of Europe, could only achieve seizure of foreign territories, the assimilation of the conquered peoples and the creation of a huge army, which would threaten neighbors

documents began to write his novel? Of course, "of course." The fact that the novel was written when Russia started making huge efforts to Russification us and Poles. I recall that we were then renamed from Lithuania in the North-Western Territory, Poland — in Pryvislenski edge, and our languages were banned, and thus, the truth about the events of those years has been an obstacle to the royal policy of assimilation of Belarusians and Lithuanians, Poles. And the king and the great Russian pravdalyubets dreamed of one and the same — the greatness of Russia, which, given the chronic backwardness of Europe, was only possible seizure of foreign territories, the assimilation of the conquered peoples and the creation of a huge army that would threaten its neighbors. In the western sector the greatest resistance to this policy, we have
provided the Poles. Ideologically, it was necessary to start by creating a new reality on the events of those years, the desired tsarist. Tolstoy coped with this task. Greatness at any cost — is the common passion of the Russian nation, beginning and ending with the King of illiterate Russian peasant. Therefore, the truth of the conquered non-Russian man in Russian literature is very hard to find. Eva Thompson traces this feature of Russian literature until the modern Russian writers.

Unlike the Western occupiers Russian to those they want to win, first flatter and promise mountains of gold. This can be called cunning Muscovite, mystery of the Russian soul, or the world, the entire human "compassion" … The Russians, drove to us, can not praise enough, as we well — and the streets are clean and there is no crime, and what delicious foods and how little we differ from them emotionally. Now these are listened to, razvesivshy ears. The reader will forgive me for this long margin, but it is needed for a better understanding of the topic.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia did not come to terms with the loss of their colonial possessions, came up with the CIS, and with this novatvoru, economic blackmail and intricate diplomacy began to restore its dominance in the CIS. Staunch her assistant, greeters in this CIS Lukashenko made. Then it was explained by the desire to transfer to the AL Kremlin. Perhaps it was so, but he soon made it clear to the failure of his dreams. It would seem that the AL should be the champion of a new independent state of their home, to which many of the opposition had hoped. But it did not happen. As a Russified, Sovietised and assimilated Belarusians, he climbed into a new fiction Muscovite, union state of Russia and Belarus created ostensibly for our own good. Plastered on all sides with paper-agreements with Russia, our tops are no different from the guy with the "truth" K. Kalinowski. Due to the tight domestic policy AL was called a dictator, and Belarus — Europe's last dictatorship.

Could the West, deceived demagoguery, politics, and culture of Russia, who hid their colonial nature of what E.Tompsan said, to see her old Lukashenka's Belarus colony — Northwest Territory? Of course, "no." And where was this colony arise among neighbors who have embarked on the creation of their own nation states — Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine? The fact that the main features of the colony have been preserved — there was no border with Russia, we have reigned Russian culture and language, and the contract CSTO Russia could legally stifle any attempt to reset the dependence of Belarus on Russia — these signs of our country — as

The word "dictatorship" and justified the West justifies his powerlessness to influence the AL, and thus strengthens its

colony — the West is perceived. Determination of Lukashenko as the last dictator in very lestsila him, as he then got into a row with Napoleon, Frank, Hitler, Stalin … But flatter strong, so the word "dictatorship" and justified the West justify their impotence affect the AL, and therefore strengthens it. It seems like Winston Churchill, saying the mystery of the Russian soul, strengthened the position of Russian diplomacy. This is how the terminology.

The fact that Russia has once again managed to fool the West, is not surprising. Because of this deception, the whole tactic of the West regarding us was wrong. For example, a bet on the election. Having seen the horrors of the elections, the West wants to influence the AL through Russia, and there he is answered that they can not interfere in politics of a sovereign state of Belarus. West rushes to Minsk and meets here the president, who is afraid of nothing and laughs in the face. But where such courage? Its source is obvious. Lukashenko knows that he is the protege of Russia, is not in danger, he provided any support — diplomatic, financial, military … In an extreme case, it is always in Russia will be happy and will provide a high position.

Throughout its reign Lukashenko has not made any significant steps to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of the country

Throughout its reign Lukashenko has not made any significant steps to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of their country. Which is well within tactics Russia — the process of final absorption of our country do as inconspicuous as possible, and painless. The latter is achieved Russification of our population.

Let me repeat test, which can be distinguished from dictatorship and occupation of the colony. It is very simple. And under the dictatorship and occupation violated the rights and freedoms of citizens. The resemblance ends. The dictatorship necessarily nationalistic — with their culture and language of the people of the country were built in the cult, carries out an independent foreign dictator

What kind of dictator, who has been the second decade of Russian being driven in the right direction he and all his quarrels with the owners of the Kremlin ends with hugs and kisses?

policy. In the colonies, the national language and culture suppressed rampant culture and language of the conqueror, the foreign policy of the country, the colony follows the policies of a metropolis, or, more simply, it does not exist. In order to deceive the international community and citizens of our country, we have created a puppet parliament, printed Belarusian passports and money nashtampavali their license plates on cars, hung out flags and coats of arms, other than Russian. It is ridiculous for 17 years to read an editorial that Russia Lukashenko has driven into a corner, or that the quarrel with the Kremlin irrevocably throws Lukashenko in the arms of the West, etc. What kind of dictator, who has been the second decade of Russian being driven in the right direction he and all his quarrels with the owners of the Kremlin ends with hugs and kisses?

Maybe that's enough idiocy of the West and our opposition? Should not we start calling a spade a spade? Maybe not the dictator Lukashenko, but something else? Maybe we did last colony, not only in Europe but also in the World? Or to understand that we also need a complete shift in the hands of the Russians of our industry and the economy, the introduction of the Russian currency and the elimination of our armed forces, by mixing them "to share experiences" with the Russian Armed Forces? These processes are, groaning and weeping over them filled with all the independent media.

So get ahead of Russian one move, take into service terminology that exposes their true policy and their attitude towards us. Politicians who understand this are very small, in the general chorus of Democrats, liberals are almost inaudible. Most of the politicians to the delight of Russians still sing about human rights, the horrors of the dictatorship, etc.

The reader may object, they say, for the presence of classical occupation need foreign troops in the occupied territory, we have no Russian troops. I will answer. They have stood in a large concentration of the first decades after the seizure of us. Only we and the Caucasus were created General gubernatarstvy, which meant that we had martial law, and could be put to death without checking sentences with St. Petersburg. Now, Russian troops were not needed because Russian culture have grown just hate our mother, and that they are formed from our KGB SWAT, Special Forces, and the whole environment Lukashenko. It is a known phenomenon yanycharstva. One may ask why this phenomenon is observed in other nations of the former Union of why we won the Russian culture? I believe that this happened because of our name change from Lithuanians in Russian (wh
ite). It has opened the doors to Russian culture, language, historiography, killed our people all national, but also instilled in our people an inferiority complex.
To avoid criticism from historians to remind you that I know how Muscovites were Russian. First, the term "Russian" is often used in the lands of present Pskov region, Novgorod region, Belarus and Ukraine. Before the lands around Moscow, captured by the Mongols, and for 300 years has been the Golden Horde, the term was not used. But after the capture of Kiev and the Mongols horde-Muscovites, Novgorod, Pskov and Tver, the occurrence of ON and the collapse of the Golden Horde period Rus freepoint Moscow itself. Then she began to Russia, and the name Rus after the capture of us threw us for a claim on us. I can not make out time "Muscovites, Russian, the Russians, the Russians." Now this is not essential.

I doubt very much that Russified population grafted him an inferiority complex in the years to come en masse to protest against the deterioration of its financial situation. I believe that we will not have a large deterioration in the material conditions of the population, as Russia not to lose such a valuable ally, as Lukashenko, and with it, our territory and its population, forgive us our debts, and will feed us in the future; for as long as we like or do not perish at the time the Republic of Novgorod the Great, will not be independent as Poland and the Baltic states. We will have to feed and the West, as his goal — to pull us in Russia to weaken it and squeeze the east. Frankly, in our section in the future (when the current regime collapse) between the neighbors and the hypocrisy of the West I do not believe it. I know that we have friends and enemies in Russia and in the West, but they do not make the final policy.

Unfortunately, in recent years, even the BNF no longer see the connection between the Russification and dips in the economy, the decline of culture, morality, and the terror and cynicism of the authorities. Despite the fact that the philosophy of postmodernism (K.Uilber) announces ravnaznachnasts all factors (religious, social, economic, …) active in the community, I believe that the state of consciousness of the people (for us it's an inferiority complex caused by the domination of the us Russian culture), in our present state is crucial.

To eliminate the domination of Russian culture, we need to address the destruction of its foundation — the country's name White Russia (Belarus).

To do this, our country in the historical period before its conquest by Russia to start calling Lithuania, Belarus, and our people — Litvinenko Belarusians. After its conquest by Russia as the name of Belarus should be used only with adjectives that explain its essence — Belarus-royal colony, and consequently … Bolshevik, Lukashenka's. I propose to stop using the term of Belarus in the works of literature and art. It is quite possible to replace the timing and Homeland Homeland. It is necessary to divide the art and literature in the national opposition and the official (colonial). I propose to reduce to a minimum the use of the term in Belarus when it comes to industry, land, cities, agriculture, etc. All this may well be accompanied by the pronoun "our". The female half of our people suggest we start calling Litsvinka as the term "Belarus" is very rude, does not correspond to the phonetics of our language and lowers people's love for the motherland. There are some caveats. Almost all European and many other countries have feminine names. We feminine even the name of the motherland. All this is no accident. Scientists explain the etymology of words is a common genus, give birth, the people and homeland. New life given to women and their names depend not so little. So we use the word aesthetics Litsvinka grubastsyu words and Belarus to climb patryyatychnastsi our people. I think even the staunchest BRYU matches will be against this, they too in their own way want to love the motherland, and distinguish the beautiful from the ugly.

The authorities already knew the meaning of the term reactionary Russia and therefore in the cities put the stands with the motto "We Belarusians", "Together we Belarus", etc. I think

Square "Russia" in all senses binds us to Russia, fixes our colonial status

this is from what is now the main goal of Moscow and lukashistov — to slow down the formation of national consciousness of our people, which will take place as soon as they learn that we historically Lithuania and Lithuanians, and Belarus — is an invention of local officials. Historians of our time to finish chewing for many years one and the same — who mostly belong to Lithuania term, whether we Lithuanians (zhamoytam). Square "Russia" in all senses binds us to Russia, fixes our colonial status.

If anyone knows how to combine udushenne our culture and language with these slogans notify the comments.

As it became known, the parliamentary elections of 2012, the authorities plan to spend on party lists and the ruling party will be "White Russia". But if the "Belarus" has become a weapon mode, then it is time to go back to the old opposition, not the royal name of our country — Lithuania? And as propagandists regime will wage war against the "Lithuanian"? They will do so, arguing that "Lithuania" — it's not ours, that we did not have statehood to Lukashenko, and this is tantamount to saying that in the past we were slaves of others, and this in turn is equivalent to saying that we naturally stupid and cowardly. Could that someone from our people to please, especially the youth and the military? So we will increase the number of their supporters. We will not drop into the future and wonder — how can there be two different countries with almost the same name (our Samogitya Lithuania and Lithuania). I am sure that in the future this will be solved much easier than we now think. The next step deeper turmoil of the world. The main thing for us now — it's an inferiority complex destroy the people who instilled them for a period of Belarus.

In this position, all that separates us from Russia, must be true and correct. I understand the desire of politicians and political scientists (eg, Matskevich) raspisats strategy and tactics — when and how to negotiate with the government. But if our opposition, saying the military language, do not pull up the rear, that is. not to destroy the said complex and secure the support of the people, no one with her will never sit at the negotiating table, everything will remain as it is.
Lukashenko calls Z.Paznyaka usurper. But the usurper seizes power in the home, and the AL of impeachment saved Russia "landing." Ordinary people, the term "usurper" says little, or rather, they, unlike politicians who lost power usurpers respected, as all strong, clever and cunning. Paznyakovskaya "Solidarity with Belarus" in the light of the proposals would have to be renamed the "National Unity". We are very far from the Polish Solidarity 1980s reptiles. In Poland, the authorities and the opposition have belonged to the same nation (Polish culture had one), we have people split into Russian (white) and the pro-Europeans Litvinenko Belarusians. This is a completely different culture.

Thus, the proposed terminology that shapes the reality that is different from the current (dictatorship). Its basic concepts — occupation (or colony), Russification, yanycharstva and protege.

The new terminology creates a reality that is different from that which now hangs our opposition, and to what provocation can not be distinguished from the heroic act, and the talker — from serious politics. Some consider this reality the consequence of our national character. For ex
ample, the head of the Eastern policy G.Berger Third Reich wrote: "Belarus — a land in which, unfortunately, could not be determined what was fiction and what is true." I think, and then it was caused by the name "Belarus". It does not create patriots, because the root of the "Rus" love of country is reoriented by the adjective "white" (which by the laws of linguistics shows our drugasnasts) for the love of Russia. Compare the first lines of "Pan Tadeusz" — "Lithuania is my fatherland" with Kupala "cheerless our page Belarus" and Kolasauski "My native kut like you is dear to me, forget you can not …". In the first case, it is patriotism in its purest form in the second — Belarus only page (of course, Russia), and even sombre: the third — it's about the angle (of the same Russian), which seems to be, and it's time to forget, and poet is this force. Poets, who agreed that they Belarusians have lost a part of patriotism, their patriotism, as well as all of our people, has become painful, dreary. The lack of patriotism — is the absence of attractive forces in space, astronauts concepts for the top and bottom are not available, they can fly upside down and do not notice it. Do not be surprised by the appearance of this metaphor. To describe the complex mental phenomena people have long used the concept of the material, a mastery of the world. For example, talk about the acute (characteristic of a knife) mind, about the hard (like a rock) the nature, etc. Lack of patriotism among politicians inevitably generates balbatlivasts, strife, ambitnasts, actions that do not differ from the provocation, etc. This is something that surprised G.Bergera.
How to put in such a case, the order in the opposition movement, as distinguished from a serious politician and provocateur chatterbox? This can be determined by a person's ability to make correct predictions. For example, if a politician after the screening of "The Godfather" said that the AL reconciliation with the Kremlin no longer possible quarrel forever, and the Kremlin has decided to remove the AL … but it did not, then he is a bad politician. If a person has not made any correct prediction, then it is not necessary, as is the custom here, glue label provocateur, he can simply talker casual man in politics. Recently, on the "forum" "Belsat" one of the participants said that the opposition every third stooge. Can you think of anything better for the collapse of the opposition? Or remember how many fireworks gave birth to the view that the opposition to win the elections need necessarily the only candidate or leader of the opposition, and alleged that the people demanded to go for the opposition. But that would change the leader of what happened the 19th and after the 19th?

Independent journalists should always ask politicians, analysts and political scientists about their forecast of developments in the coming months, quarters, years in all aspects of life (economy, Russia, Poland, the EU, the U.S., the workers protests, actions, parties, etc.). All the forecasts need to capture, collect and publish from time to time in the independent media (newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" on Belsatse, "Freedom", some sites). Otherwise, we run around in circles without moving forward.

The proposed terminology is moving us into a simple (understandable people) black-and-white reality — the conquered country with a stunned nation and under the power of the Janissaries. This terminology may not like some of the leaders of the opposition, because according to it, become meaningless numerous conversations and negotiations, elections, conferences, trips to the West … The new reality demands from the opposition of the masses. It is noted that the number of students who know emblem chase, in recent years has decreased, and the military to my questions on history, as a rule, I angrily replied that they are not interested in her. Also refers to the history and young people, but they announce this with a cynical laugh. Such responses can be explained only by the fact that the history of the textbooks ideologues mode causes a subconscious aversion. Is it not a matter of opposition to reach the truth these people?

This new reality is to temporarily change the tactics of our political parties. Become meaningless endless less and less numerically small demonstrations with propaganda has long sagitavannyh people shouting "Long Live Belarus", with naive resolutions "immediately demand the …" and for days in jail and fines of the organizers. (Recall that at the last meeting of the Academy of Sciences had to go through metalashukalniki and he was guarded by riot police, he was also the most numerically small, and since the year 1990).

The new phase of the struggle, which began offering new names for the political parties and movements. In the language of the original proposal A.Shagulina quote:

There is a great danger that our people (from his inferiority complex and, as follows, ready to take on any job) to reset the dirty, boring, low-paying jobs with around the world

"National Patriotic Movement ON (Belarus)", "National" in the movement for those who can not imagine a life without our culture and language, "patriotic" — for the best of those who, having deep local roots, wants to run he and his descendants mat. operation of the national-patriots svyadomymi of this beautiful country and a happy living on this territory. "I transcribe it so. In the era of globalization with its international reallocation of labor is a great danger that our people (from his inferiority complex and, as follows, ready to take on any work) together with malatsyvilizavanymi migrants to us from other countries (with the same feature) to reset the dirty, boring, low-paying jobs all over the world, in other words, create something on our land for third-class people who agree to serve the most harmful production, as well as international dump "dumps" and "toilets". inequality, the need for blockages and toilets in human society does not solve any progress. Patriots, according Shagulinym have to understand that without the national (which is the only creates pride and self-respect ) Globalization of all who live on this earth will come out sideways.

I agree with A.Shagulinym that the name of the country ON generates the largest national patriotism and most accurately reflects the fact that our nation has been the backbone of the ON state. Maybe the adjective "great" wake up, at last, a little bit of pride from a representative of the people of Alexander G.?

The new reality makes meaningless paznyakovskiya all elections and calls for a boycott them. Both the first and the second can easily falsified. Technique in the hands of anti-national forces will disperse a crowd of 10 times greater than it was on the 19th, especially important objects can protect not only "our" spetsvoyski, but also in any number of Russian, as their movement and presence, we will have imperceptibly, in First — because of the lack of boundaries, the second — because of the complete Russification of the local (the military aspect of Russification). Those in our uniform, which objected quickly and secretly eliminate, those who doubt, deceived by phrases such as "negotiations." Become meaningless hope for the West, because behind the current government is Russia, which is almost always diplomatically replays West and has a brilliant ability to provocation. It seems the only thing that can make the power of change — it's a republican general strike.
Recent developments in the Muslim countries that have shaken off the colonial yoke after World War II, show that for getting rid of the inferiority complex (he was there
established their dominance in European culture is not so much how many opinions about its superiority) nations took nearly half a century. The 50 years they lived in the nationalist dictatorships, and thus create and study their history and culture (their language colonizers were able to impose only the tops of these people, and that was only just a second). And the democratic revolution started there just now. Note that the level of their economic life was increased, and in Libya, he was generally very high. We colony of Russia and the way in which the people have been mentioned, we have not passed. The initial conditions we have now is much worse than they were in these nations after the war. Us

Jump from the colony to democracy, bypassing nationalist dictatorship, it is impossible

imposed on Russian culture, language and faith. That's when we have people speak their language, know their true history and culture, and the AL become a nationalist, "a la Gaddafi from his Bedouin tent," that is, for example, will show off in front of Muscovites Nyasvizh gentry dressed in dresses — that then after 20-30 years can be mobilize people to fight for democracy. Jump from the colony to democracy, bypassing nationalist dictatorship, it is impossible. Our neighbors, the Poles and the Baltic states have passed this way before the Second World War and the dictatorship they had a weak European.

That is not possible without the Revival democracy, knows Z.Paznyaka. Here are his words: "Unfortunately, the conclusion of May for hutkaspelyh hopes will be tough. Society, which is not a national consolidated on the basis of the national language, history, culture and national interests, unable to defeat the dictatorship. Now Belarusians do not have enough of just that, destroyed and that destroys our usurper regime. Without national consciousness is not necessary illusions and take the time to fight for an abstract simulation of "democracy", "freedom" and for the rights of the dissolute man. Psevdabaratsba ended in defeat, marasmus and disappointment. "And it's not Is there the 19th and beyond? However, I believe that the word "consolidated" Z.Paznyaka only obscure the meaning of the phenomenon. Where and when any colonial society was consolidated? dominance of another culture leads him to a state of most of the civil war. We are so far away to the dictatorship, we have the Russian occupation.

All of the colonial peoples, once independence was obtained, immediately changed the colonial name for their real

In addition, I add. The foundation of the rule of our Russian language and culture, the foundation of our colonial state is the name of our colonial Belarus and all its derivatives. All of the colonial peoples, once independence was obtained, immediately changed the name of its colonial present.
Our ancestors went into battle with the cry is not "live Belarus" and shouting "Hey Litvins — God we have." The name "Belarus" is a fiction of our colonial invader Muscovite. It is ridiculous to do it from the shrine. Values live forever, the concept of time does not exist for them. National — is the value to indicate the maximum magical harmony of the soul and the heart of a man with a residence on the planet. After gaining true independence and the destruction of an inferiority complex people will become clear how we have to fight for democracy. And while it is necessary to do the destruction of phenomena and signs of our colonial status.

Beach Makarovich Paul was born in 1941 in Chachenii (Russia). Descendent of the ancient Belarusian-Litvinskiy kind emblem Lyubich. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Lives in Belarus since 1974. Author of scientific and technical book "concrete position of strength of materials" (in Russian). Writes on cultural topics.

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