Is there a certain day of the lunar calendar, which astrologers considered particularly dangerous

April 7, 2012 9:21

No matter how evolved the relative positions of celestial bodies, there is a certain day of the lunar calendar, which astrologers considered particularly dangerous.


On the ninth day, they should stop and help themselves sebe.V ninth lunar day position the Moon relative to the Earth and the Sun, causing powerful gravitational perturbations. And because our organism lives in the same rhythm with the cosmos, it is responding to the changing external environment and changes in brain activity of the internal organs and systems.

 The body begins an intensive process of purification of all superfluous, unnecessary, internal energy decreases. We, instead of stop and help themselves get rid of dirt, we continue to lead a normal life.
And we do not have the body strength, it is set to another. Hence the failure, and quarrels, and frustration, and thwart the plans, and malaise. And the more polluted your mind, the more serious failures.
Therefore, in the dangerous day should focus not on the deeds and not on raising money, and the cleaning and protection. It's on another level to help you get closer to the goal, or at least, not away from it.
On this day, do not make plans, do not start new things, try not to conflict. If possible, avoid making responsible decisions and work that requires strong tension. Do not take money and do not lend, or dig a financial hole itself. The shopping is also not get carried away: there is a risk to spend money for nothing, lose them or become a victim of thieves and swindlers.
Clean energy
In the 9 th lunar day internal energy weakens, so we are very vulnerable to the negative impacts of energy. But in a weakened power is a plus: in this condition is easier to get rid of the negativity induced earlier. After all, in this day spontaneously purification.
Whammy occurs spontaneously, but can only bring damage intentionally. The man radiates evil energy can jinx look, word, or even a thought — a temper, not specifically, he throws like a charge of negative energy. And if you do not take precautions, a clot of negative psychic energy penetrates the aura of "victim." Induce damage intentionally, with special magic rituals.
But if the damage leading man — strong and strong-willed, with a powerful personal energy, no ceremony is required. He only sincerely wish you ill at the time, when you loose energy, for example, in a bad moon day. Still, it's done.
Evil eye can cause a series of minor failures, irrational fears, transient deterioration of health, waste of money. Blight leads to more serious problems: one starts to feel increasing weakness, trouble sleeping, his deteriorating health, begin protracted problems with money or personal life.
To avoid all these hassles, you need to be cleaned. And the best time to do this — 9th lunar day. And due to the fact that in this period, we energetically weakened, it is necessary in addition to the cleansing to protect themselves.
Here are two effective techniques — do any before leaving the house, and the evil eye with the damage you pass by.
This technique gives a brief upsurge of energy, and as a result of your biofield is "impenetrable" for other people's negative promises. Protection lasts about 3 hours. If necessary equipment for the day can be done again.
1. Lie on your back, arms and legs crossed, his eyes close. Breathe belly.
2. Imagine the power under their feet white funnel, moving clockwise.
3. Slowly lift up the funnel, until it arrives at you myself.
4. When the edge of the crater will be over your head, open your mind and seal its walls, painting them in a light brown color.
5. Hold the "tornado" in this state for 2-3 minutes, without being distracted by irrelevant thoughts, conversations and phone calls, and then lift the funnel above the head and in the narrowest part of the lower crown.
Technique can be used for protection against damage and the evil eye, and for their removal. This technique restores the integrity of bio and a few hours makes it impervious to negative influences from outside, well protected from the anger and suppresses aggression. Technique comes before intercourse with a person who can bring you jinx or damage, or just after "questionable" contact. With regular performance (3-4 times a week) it provides real-time protection from damage and the evil eye.
1. Stand erect, no crossing over the arms and legs, close your eyes.
2. Imagine that you are out of the darkness comes the energy flow. He describes a semicircle, is a foot is on the spine and back out of the top of the head in exactly the same semi-circle, only slightly.
3. Imagine such a wave of energy, until you have the whole range, that is not built around a sphere consisting of segments, like an orange. Keep in mind that all segments of the energy to be the correct form. If some of them turned against your will deformed, "puffs" or "bent", worked out this place for as long as the segment can not be improved. Distortion segments indicates the deformation of your energy field or contains extraneous energy.

 Sergei Guriev
Secret Power 4.2012

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