Israel has shown a new draft of the corvette

Israel has shown a new draft of the corvette
Company «Israeli shipyard» showed a new draft of the corvette «Saar S-72», which will be the largest ship in the company’s history. Corvette will have a displacement of 800 tons, will be able to carry one helicopter and construction of the first «Saar S-72» may end in two years. Details leads Jane’s
Corvette project «Saar S-72», for disk imaging edition, is the development of the project «Saar 4.5», which belong to the class missile boats. The length of the new ship is 72 meters (61.7 against), and displacement will grow almost doubled, from 450 to 800 tons. Increased size will allow to position itself as a helicopter hangar, and other weapons. On the «Saar S-72» will be located eight missiles to destroy ground targets and surface ships, gun mounts 76 mm anti-aircraft missile launcher clutter also electronic intelligence system. For comparison, the missile boat «Saar 4.5» produced in 2-versions that differ by the presence or helicopter hangars (type «Alia», could take two helicopters), or installing additional weapons.

Shipyards, as stated in the report, also reworked draft of the propulsion system, replacing 4 diesel engine on two more massive MTU 16V 1163M94. In conjunction with 2 propellers propulsion system must provide the assurances of developers speed up to 30 knots (55 kph).

Corvette crew of 50 people, and 21 day cruising at a distance of 5500 km running at a speed of 18 knots (a little better indicator «Saar 4.5», which had such a range at the lowest speed). Also on board will be able to fit 20 fighters of special units.

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