It looks like that will not EuroNest representatives of Belarus


Tsigankov: BelaPAN, it is possible that the European Parliament will send a written proposal to Minsk on the formation of the Belarusian delegation in principle 5 +5 — equally of representatives of the authorities and the opposition. However, we know that the Belarusian authorities have categorically disagree with this proposal. Is it might give such a stalemate, when you have to start "Euronest" in general, without representatives of Belarus?

Lahvinets: I think it comes down to. The European Parliament wants to develop inter-parliamentary co-operation with the member countries of "Eastern Partnership". But there's a snag — "Belarusian issue". And for the information available to date, is likely to be decided to start a "Euronest" without the representatives of Belarus.

That is an invitation to be sent to Belarus, will clearly be a formality. Indeed, the Belarusian authorities are unlikely to agree on a formula of "5 plus 5".

Tsigankov: Will this situation affect the participation of Belarus in the other programs, the "Eastern Partnership"? Or aslabitstsa because of the interest of the official Minsk to this program?

"Eastern Partnership" is in the package. You can not, as in the restaurant, from the menu select individual dishes — is complex.

Lahvinets: Recently, this interest is not so high — it sounded at the highest level. I think that in the current situation, when Belarus is not the best of relations with Russia — Lukashenko will not exclude themselves from participating in the "Eastern Partnership". Now scheduled civil society forum — and Belarusian representatives will actively participate in it. The meeting at the ministerial level will also take place, and I do not think that the Belarusian authorities will shun them.

Tsigankov: Strategy Minsk is clear — more economy, less politics and "civil society." As it can be combined with those rules that is in the "Eastern Partnership"?

Lahvinets: In the "Eastern Partnership" has it all — a little politics, a little bit of the economy and civil society. This medium-and even long-term project. The Belarusian authorities have realized that the instant results from participation will not. So they will play and try to choose the most appropriate and beneficial areas of cooperation.

But the "Eastern Partnership" is in the package. You can not, as in the restaurant, from the menu select individual dishes — is complex. And I think, over time, this integrated approach will yield tangible results for Belarus.


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