Ivan Kruk accused of defaming official

In Astravets began to consider a new administrative case against opposition activist Ivan Kruk. He is accused of defaming an official from the executive committee.

Ivan Kruk sue Ostrovetsky manager of the Executive Committee Michael Zimnitsky, who accuses activist of slandering him during the election kampanii.Tady Zimnitsky was deputy chairman of the district election commission. It was he who, according to Ivan Kruk, did his best to not registered as a candidate for deputy of the District Council.

In particular, Ivan Crook written complaint to the Regional Commission on behalf of one of the voters Vladimir Maskevitch, under which he signed. The complainant alleged that Michael Zimnitsky forced him to give up the signature set for nomination as a candidate Ivan Kruk.

From there, the complaint back to the executive committee for a hearing on the spot. And then, with the words of Ivan Hook, Maskevitch summoned Zimnitsky and forced to abandon the complaint, and threatened with dismissal.

Later he Zimnitsky filed a complaint for criminal prosecution to Ivan Kruk for slandering him in the complaint. The prosecutor's office declined to prosecute the case, citing the fact that libel by Crook seen for the first time and not recycled. Brought an administrative action.

Today Mr. Zimnitsky of unknown cause has not appeared. Ivan Crook petitioned several times to the court were called for 13 additional witnesses who could clarify the situation, but he refused.

I asked Ivan Hook — Why was the only witness who claimed in a process several times changed his testimony?

Crook"They threatened him that will be fired from their jobs, and that's signed. Wrote him these people, and read to no avail. This general lawlessness, he also had to know under what signed up for. And when then showed him a copy of this act, he told me said it was nothing like that. "

In the courtroom, was an activist of the United Civil Party Nicholas Ulasevich. It is alarming that the applicant failed to appear in court, and the judge's refusal to grant a petition calling 13 witnesses who could clarify the situation.

Ulasevich: "This is, in fact, an attempt to silence Crook for what he said, that they have committed criminal offenses, unlawfully denied him the right to run in the election campaign. And this is a criminal article".

The hearing will continue on July 6.

I recall that in the past month, Ivan Crook won the case in which he was accused of distributing unregistered printed materials during the election campaign.


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