January 23 A year of Black Dragon

January 18, 2012 17:59

4710 The year of Chinese Civilization (2012) will begin on January 23, its symbol — Black Dragon. More accurately to congratulate you on the day of Spring! This is also a Chinese tradition. However, if you delve into the country's history, the New Year in Russia also began in the spring. The reason is clear: the revival.

To the "right" to celebrate the New Year for the third time, a closer look at the Dragon. Terrible beast, do no harm to yourself!

What is this animal, which has not been seen? But all the people of the world know him for stories and legends. Yes, it is scary and powerful in the Western tradition, the destroyer, the monster, and even evil. In Russia, the dragon — Dragon — a creature of the dark forces.

It turns out that the image of the dragon exists in the beliefs of the majority of the peoples of the world. Homer tells us that the shield of Agamemnon was depicted blue dragon. In the Indo-European tradition, the dragon wins the characters associated with solar symbolism — Mithras, Horus, Hercules, Siegfried.

About The Bible mentions a dragon. In Christian culture it is — a mythical beast with scaly body and wings like a bat. The image of the serpent, he tempter, who introduced man to sin. He's fought and defeated the Archangel Michael and St. George, which is a victory of good over evil. Perhaps the victory of spirit over matter.

In contrast to the tradition of the Church, the sign of the dragon is a symbol of courageous fighter, he was portrayed on shields and coats of arms in ancient Rome, and in Britain was on the arms of London.

Ancient tradition, the dragon image compares the chaos followed the medieval alchemists. They meant the world substance (primary matter, the origin) — Dragon-snake biting its own tail, it was called Ouroboros — eater tail.

In the East, "winged serpent" has a cosmic, supernatural force. Dragons guard treasure, serve as symbols of fertility and strength. In China, this creature — the symbol of life and light. The supreme sign of the Chinese imperial house is a gold dragon.

Chinese character for dragon, takes the concept of energy, strength and wisdom. In Chinese legends, an external image of the dragon embodies two of the world — the top (birds) and lower (snakes). Dragon — the embodiment of masculinity, primary element Yang. Female, the primary element of Yin, represented Phoenix.

In our time, decided to give each other on New Year's figures of animals — Eastern character of the year. These figures have also come from ancient history, which goes back to the dawn of mankind. Initially, people were making dolls and figurines of animals to play with, and for rituals and ceremonies. In museums around the world holds many different figures, created in 100 thousand years BC Every thing, including the new dragon, has special power and meaning embodied in her creator and tradition. They are different.

Charles Uilms known scholar of Chinese history, the book "Chinese culture" characterized the dragons: "Eastern dragon looks not like that hideous monster that invented the medieval genius, and is a symbol of strength and goodness. He — the spirit of change, that is the embodiment of life itself. "

Wish all kind of change? However, according to ancient Chinese tradition, the New Year's Eve do not forget to stick on the front door red pair of inscriptions — amulets and run another cracker to scare off a terrible beast called Nian (year), so he did not dare to interfere with the coming of spring changes.

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