Japanese robot can juggle two balls (video)

May 27, 2012 10:01

A group of scientists and engineers from Chiba University demonstrated "one-armed" robot juggler.

For several years, we are constantly confronted with new features and capabilities that give your robot researchers and engineers from Japan. Now, a team of scientists and engineers from Chiba University demonstrated "one-armed" robot juggler speed which allows him quite deftly managed at once with two balls. This robot, the movements of which seem incredibly "live" was demonstrated by the developers on the IEEE International Conference 2012 on Robotics and Automation (2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA).

A high-speed automation and mechanical robot arm combined with a high-speed computer vision. Vision system equipped with a high-speed camera that feed data to the control system at 500 frames per second, which allows the computer to the robot to plan, evaluate and make throws balls up to a height of two meters. Hand-arm robot has three fingers with two and three degrees of freedom, and the arm has seven degrees of freedom.

This action, which is performed by a robot juggler only by sight seems simple and uniform. The robot does not make a repeating sequence of simple movements, imitating the movements of a juggler. The control system for each throw loops of calculations that take into account the motion of both balls.

At this point in time the robot can confidently make a total of five cycles of juggling, before one of the goals will be lost. This is due to the fact that the robot arm is not the shoulder joint, so that the robot arm is very limited in horizontal travel. If, during the ball, the ball starts to move slightly to the side, the robot arm can not reach it. And, of course, there is an error in the implementation of a throw, which brings its share of the instability of the process of juggling.

Naturally, many readers could ask the question, why it was done at all? That is not in response to the creators robot juggler, "Juggling — is one example of the implementation of an accurate and rapid movements of the limbs the robot is very, very similar to the motion man. We believe that achieving a precise and rapid implementation of action catching and throwing the ball, we have developed an algorithm that will be the basis to perform other actions and movements that are so easy a man can do, and they are amenable to robots with difficulty. "

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