July 3 — Day of the malfunctioning


The guerrillas, partisans,
Belarusian children!
During captivity, with the shackles …
Yanka Kupala

What idea Muscovites intercepted — to declare June 29 Day of partisans! Even here padtsikavali us — almost on the eve of Independence Day. Partisan — that of a number of Belarusian national idea-identities, which exactly does "not hold back, do not stop," as it zradnilasya with a local soil, as cow parsnip. Our country successfully concealed from the time, "hiding their thoughts and words" from being too powerful friends, enjoys explicitly borrowed a neighbor's thoughts and words, so its time to take the "a". It is such a festival would have made quite authentic: that was walking round the cozy forest undergrowth to kiosks in the form of bunkers under the oil zasennyu public offering modest and courageous food and lodging for the night in a comfortable dugout completed the best experience of the Day.

All right moment passed. Celebrate the arrival of the Soviet army in Minsk. In such a delicate moment in history! When the whole world surrounding Eastern European vydaskanalvae their independence each in his own way: Moldova legally mourned the Soviet occupation (because the government now sets off on a background of the dark past dependence), Latvia held a procession in honor of the 69th anniversary of the entry of German troops in Riga (as part of the citizens is getting rid of the addiction). Russia … Russia in the autumn once again rejoice victory over the ancient Lithuanian. This all may not like it, but the small things done with imagination.

A lot of concerned citizens dissatisfied with even the meaning of the main state holiday. Like, we do not yet independent, or vice versa: independent, but freed in 1918, not in 1944. Well, you know, these approaches: there are new enough. A more correct from a formal party it seems correspondence oksana-blond incorrectness of the actual date of the celebration itself, "Why I do not recognize on July 3."

"… Why should we celebrate Independence Day and the liberation of the Nazi invaders is July 3??

Neberastseytsam not understand my indignation. Explain.

July 3 — liberated Minsk. Capital, cheers, agrees.


Another quarter of the territory of Belarus was under the Germans! Was fighting for this very independence! July 8 was released Baranovichi, July 12 — Ivantsevichy, July 14 — Pinsk, July 16 — Grodno …

It was only on July 28, when conquered Brest, Belarus was finally liberated from the occupation. "

Here possible, turns out to hurt their fellow citizens from outside the capital arrogant. Can you imagine what would wave rose in Russia, if the Victory Day was appointed April 20, when in 1942, the year ended with the battle for Moscow? That would be a second battle with a completely unknown result. Agitated berastavchantsy philosophical explained that the release date appointed by the Decree. And the point!

What is our holiday? First of all — the music, the singing. Official events heard from afar. These sounds angry advance by observing his short "glorious Soviet past":

"Every year, universities have produced dozens, if not hundreds, of young professionals in the field of rezhyserstva, holding cultural events, recreational activities and much more. Whether we prepare them for agitlitaratury sweet 80, or lead tone throughout ideological — right party workers. spend Well you already rejuvenation of cadres, enough of this formalism, In "Night of Museums" at the Art Museum played xs-from-manifest group, I saw them for the first time and heard, not even remember the call. was cool! And on Independence Day in all the squares and avenues will be — what do you think? — HS. "

No, sir, would be clean. Even the sounds are distilled and clear, like water from artesian wells famous Minsk region. Leo Tolstoy once argued: "In China music — a state affair. And that is as it should be. Would be able to let anyone who wants to be hypnotized one another, or many, and then would do with them he wants?"Well, here it is and we have, at least once a year, entirely state: and no hypnosis, admittedly. Chlorine smell a bit, but it's for our safety.

Well-known and even popular corporate blog guvd-minsk previously raised the issue of "Independence Day. As will be provided policing?" yes gathered a considerable crop of comments, of which not all were loyal (with both accents). Caused a nervous reaction known ban drinking beer from a bottle, this topic is old and no one to develop it did not. We know that beer is a suspicious vessel is incompatible with independence. Obviously, the Belarusians come to terms with this little inconvenience civilized and began to expand the use of kvass and other tsihamirlivyh drinks. Because rabies is not love. By the way, precisely because of the massive booze for Independence Day entrenched notoriety. "… It has long been no secret that these festivals except livestock nobody goes, actually, because of the very cattle that is legally nazhershysya vodka begins to run amok. Way hatches out badly" — offended artureg in to post comments.

But much more interesting ban: use a camera with long lens than 4 cm is where room for assumptions and suspicions versions! Again, the fight against elusive (in fact, most likely, non-existent) terrorists or unfair competition involving "administrative resources"? Readers attacked the author, he defended mild: we say, only the perpetrators, not for us to question. A strenger tried to dig down to the root of the problem:

"As I understand it, according to the latest rumors, the limits are for staff only official media could have a photo opportunity after receiving the accreditation. To the citizens of the country were not allowed to spread good photos of the city's events.

How true is this — do not know, I think that's not the point. When sent by the "bacon" will want to make some shots that compromise our country, then the phone will … "

So we got to the spies. If the Belarusian-Russian conflict blossom and bear fruit of any strong political will of their own residents and quick-minded agents of the Russian bear land for export to our seats. In America, the news about the exposure of Russian spies — a few days already persharazradnaya. Well caught speck — one of the best factors fostering a sense of national dignity. We have also blocked the very possibility of the Kremlin's grab a scout who was flattered to have our independence from the use of cameras, one might say — mycelium torn out.

And interesting to get to play!


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