Kashpirovsky once again indicated that he has no place in Ukraine




Every visit to Cherkassy "magician" and "magician" Anatoly Kashpirovsky accompanied by thousands eager to cure the sick, the wave of protests and scandals. There was an exception and another trip Cherkassy famous psychic, who started the other day.

First on his sessions, two people died. As it turned out, the causes of death were similar — two elderly men, to stand in a long queue to get into the hall and take a seat closer to a psychic, heart gave out. Both died before the release of Kashpirovsky on stage, and that is symptomatic — their "state" was not immediately noticed by people who were sitting next to.

And now the battle joined religious organizations. Regional Christian social and educational organization "Living with Hope" complained of Kashpirovsky to the regional prosecutor's office. The complainants were asked to find out what exactly is engaged in the sessions of treatment Kashpirovsky and whether it has to conduct psychic activity of the respective licenses of Ministry of Health of Ukraine?

The results of inspection by the consultant Cherkassy oblzdravotdela proved extremely informative: born in Khmelnitsky Anatoly Kashpirovsky is a citizen of the Russian Federation and is not licensed Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Alexander ARABACH (Cherkassy)


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