Kazakhstan is one of the most mystical and mysterious countries in the world

October 6, 2012 21:30

According to the number of anomalous zones Kazakhstan outperform any other country. In the future, these mystical places may as Loch Ness or the Egyptian pyramids, to attract thousands of tourists. Capital Research unknown Sabyr Niyazbekov writing a book about mysterious places that are rich in our steppe. According to him, the existence of anomalous zones can not be explained by any man-made factors, Express K writes.

Burial Begazy (XIII — XIV century). Photo from: www.voxpopuli.kz

"Take, for example, Spring Valley. This area is located 250 km south-west of Astana, near the village Taldysay — says Niyazbekov. — This is an incredible country, where spring comes a month earlier than in the surrounding area. You're going through a snowy field and all of a sudden you find yourself in the valley, where in full bloom grass. On the area of Spring Valley is Luxembourg. No one knows what the cause of the weather anomaly. In this area, I found traces of volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago.

I believe that the crust in this place is so thin that can heat the underground forces of the soil. " The next object to extremely interested Sabyrov Niyazbekova — is Keene Valley perfume-Kerish in the East Kazakhstan region. "There is nothing more beautiful than this valley, I have never seen — said Niyazbekov. — The area with the mountains of frozen scarlet and white clay gives the impression that you are on another planet. Around this place always going to the cloud of unusual shape. It is believed that the Aryan tribes during the transition to the south is practiced human sacrifice. I once spent the night in the valley, and the fact that I've been through, it's hard to describe. Near my tent, lit fires, someone moaning in the dark, and I even thought I heard a baby crying. The next day the village elders Amanat told me that the travelers who dared to spend the night here, often deprived of reason. Maybe I was saved that before dawn I read the prayers. "

As it turned out, every year in Kazakhstan comes several hundred foreigners, eager to visit the valley. Also a favorite item of foreign lovers of mysteries and riddles is Dead Lake, located near the village Sapak in Almaty region. "For some reason, in this lake is not the fish do not grow algae — says Niyazbekov. — There is often drowned people. And drowned never rise to the surface. Local residents say that they had seen in the clear water of the bodies, which were at the bottom, like tin soldiers. Even divers begin to suffocate in the Dead Lake, despite the aqualung. " Dead Lake in Almaty region was included in the list of the most dangerous places on the planet.
But the most sinister place in Kazakhstan and the Bermuda Triangle is a genuine settlement Akyrtas in Zhambyl region. "The version of the origin of Akyrtas very much — says Niyazbekov. — Some say that Alexander the Great built a Akyrtas, others believe that it was built by the Huns, to defend against the Chinese invaders. Still others believe that it was done the first Buddhists. This is a huge building, to which spent as much forces as and for the construction of the pyramid of Djoser. Now is a mound of stone ruins of the area of a football field. It seems to me that here was located a temple. First, Akyrtas built away from the water that is unusual locations. Second, there are powerful tectonic faults and all who have been there, experienced a powerful energy impact. I, for example, fever, and I began to write poetry. But my companion had fallen asleep in the car, and when he awoke, he began to see things in real life. In Akyrtas I spent a few days. Last night I woke up in a sweat, and saw all the stars in the sky suddenly began to fall. This mysterious phenomenon is accompanied by an unusually pleasant music. My partner saw the same thing. Very often people who have been in Akyrtas, talk about what we have seen here UFOs and contact with the unknown. "

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