Kharchenko: defense JV screwing bumpers will no longer

Defensive joint venture (JV) with foreigners in Russia from now on should be such that the localization rate was over 50%, told journalists the first deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Ivan Kharchenko.

Appropriate standards is the latest technique in the Industry and Trade Ministry with the requirements for localization of foreign weapons and military equipment for the Russian countryside.

"Were given appropriate instructions, and Ministry of Industry has developed a methodology, as count localization, as it should be, so count It is a joint creation: not just the wheels and tightened bumper, and now it is necessary that more than 50% of the devices was performed specifically on areas of the Russian Federation, then it can be count co-creation in our country, "- said Kharchenko.

As such, the creation of a bad example, he cited the joint venture plant in Voronezh, which by treaty with Italy Iveco manufactures armored vehicles for the Russian security forces.

"All the old arts are now discontinued, I hope they will not continue. Here wholesale approach one hundred percent made up. We are very annoyed that the previous minister (Defence) found a variety of methods to get around (restrictions on the localization of production) — to make a joint venture, which simply screwed on to the bumpers, "- explained Kharchenko.

As reported at the end of December, the Government of the Voronezh region, at that time in Voronezh on the 172nd Central auto repair factory of the Italian kits were collected and sent to the Ministry of Defence 67 armored cars.

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