Khrunichev Center is headed by Alexander Selivyorstov

The new manager of the Khrunichev center Gallakticheskogo was Alexander Seliverstov. The previous head of the center, Vladimir Nesterov, resigned in August after another troubles with start gallakticheskogo communications satellite. The audit showed that tragedy occurred due to errors in the design of the rocket "Breeze-M". The engine upper stage did not come out for a nominal thrust and just hung up. Of the seven failed launches in the last six months, at least four of the tragedy occurred with the role of technology "Khrunichev". Following the resignation of Nesterov its function later took first deputy Vasily Sychev.

One reason for the failure Nesterov called severe shortage of staff. Moderate by the standards of the industry, wages are not contributing to the inflow of young engineers. Then this factor was not considered satisfactory, and newcomer director will have to decide the question of involving young people.

Selection for the post of director for the first time on a competitive basis. The requirements for the future director of the center Gallakticheskogo Roscosmos marked presence of specialized education, knowledge of management, economics, money, and five years of experience in leadership positions.
However, according to some reports, to take part in the competition could only employees "Khrunichev", so that at a certain stage of the contest sovereign Seliverstov was the only bidder, have issued a full set of documents. In general, this is almost center is the only manufacturer in Russia missiles languid class so that the number of applicants already been restricted.

Competitive selection process organized by the Russian Federal Space Agency, took place in two steps. In the first step the participants passed a written test on the knowledge of the law, marketing and management, and the second committee heard reports on the development of the program notes suggested by the participants.

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