Khrushchev and the elimination of Beria

Nikita Khrushchev became a kind of "battering ram", by which plans were crushed by Stalin and Beria. And based on his memories were formed many "black" legend, discrediting Stalin era. Although a number of historians, anti-Stalinists, like N. Werth, recognize that they need to Khrushchev's memoirs "with caution." Although simply put, they are false. Khrushchev lied boldly, without embarrassment.

Suffice it to say about the so-called. "Stalin orgies" where the chief guest vusmert Tipo soldered, etc. for some reason these "orgies" could only remember Khrushchev, other politicians, generals, happened at lunch and dinner Stalin, they do not remember. Or recall the story of the "lost" first war Stalin, which Tipo fled in panic to the country. Although already posted documents, including a magazine Stalin, saying that the control of the USSR was at work and working hard.

Khrushchev himself was a "repentant" Trotskyite, who initially 1920s almost expelled from the party for "omeschanivanie", ie, for the passion personal enrichment. In these sins he repented to Kaganovich, who became his first patron. First 1930 he was secretary of the party organization in the Industrial Academy. It also consisted student Nadezhda Alliluyeva (Stalin's wife), doorways Hazan — Andreeva wife, Maria Lazar Kaganovich, Pauline Pearl — the wife of Molotov. Alliluyeva told about a young, energetic secretary, contributed to the promotion Khrushchev's party ladder.

During this period there was a shift from post followers of Trotsky, Zinoviev, because in 1935, Khrushchev, Stalin put at the head of the party organization of the capital, and then he went to the Central Committee and the Politburo. Khrushchev, "marked", as an active participant in the repression of the capital and the party organization in the Ukraine. He was not a pathological killer, sadist, as a kind of secret police. Khrushchev was ordinary soulless careerist, ready to do anything for the sake of personal gain. Fascinating fact that if many of the "activists" of repression, then themselves "smoothed" Khrushchev, as Malenkov out "unscathed."

Khrushchev had an unusual "unsinkability", regardless of the number of mistakes for which others paid with their lives or careers. So, in 1942, Khrushchev, as a member of the Military Council of the front, together with Marshal Timoshenko proposed a coming near Kharkov, with Barvenkovsky ledge. They are "overlooked" on the flank of von Kleist's Panzer Army. General Staff objected, believing that the attack of the projection is not safe, it's practically ready "copper". But Khrushchev and Tymoshenko insisted. The upshot business disaster, and for the whole of the southern strategic direction. Khrushchev was not injured.

There is a version that Khrushchev had a personal motive and hatred for Stalin. This is a dark story with his offspring. Leonid Khrushchev, an Air Force officer, did sin in the rear. According to one version, Khrushchev was able to persuade the leader of forgiveness — that was sent to the front, he died there. According to another version, he survived the crash, was taken prisoner and collaborated with the Germans, when found out about it after his release, he was shot. This version is indirectly confirmed in the memoirs of Vyacheslav Molotov, "Khrushchev in the shower was an opponent of Stalin. Stalin — anything and everything, and in the soul of another. Personal animosity it on any steps pushes. The fury of Stalin, because his son was in such a position that he was shot in practice. After such bitterness at all it is, just to mess with the name of Stalin. "

In the years 1946-1947 Khrushchev led the Communist Party of Ukraine. Managers, he was wrong, his flow guidance, administrative antsy he confused the situation in agriculture. And when the harvest failed, this situation has led to famine. First, he fell into disgrace, but soon headed all Soviet agriculture. And then he "distinguished" neobmyslennymi tests and "reforms." After that, again, was not suspended, he became first secretary of the Metropolitan Regional Party Committee and Secretary of the Central Committee. By the way, if you remember, "Lysenkoism", the patron saint of Lysenko was specifically Khrushchev.

It is clear that Khrushchev himself hard to blame the fact that he was a conscious agent of "world imperialism", although harm from its activities were many. Not confirmed by the legend of his mind bolshennom and tricks that he hid under way "buffoon" and peasant joker. Although middle-class lukavtsa it was, she CONTRIBUTE be afloat career. But to make him unable to control the country. Khrushchev was very stupid, it confirms all his activities as head of the Soviet Union. How he managed to become the head of the Union? There is a flashback that he was "led", from post to post, protected from opals. After all, many specifically needed such a man at the head of the Soviet Union — the last Trotskyist simulator flurry of activity that leads to destruction. Not smart, capable "breaking anything" at least some positions offended by Stalin.

Elimination of Beria

The reforms also Beria, Stalin's successor case, were not pleasing to as "international conspiracy" and a large part of the top party apparatus of the USSR. Here their interests converge. Part of what was then the party elite USSR wished to retain the mandatory arms, which gave the opportunity to "live beautifully." Western elites had to confrontation, it gave profits.

It is clear that the myth of the "conspiracy Beria"Was coined. If Beria was such komplot, does he have been so careless. Has permitted so easy to kill yourself? Khrushchev was a conspirator and those who stood behind him. Specifically Khrushchev guilty of this "palace coup", which broke quite fascinating scenario for the future of the USSR. In komplote involved and other favorites of the Union, their different motives. Malenkov apparently feared for their power, for fear of the omnipotence of Beria. "Conservatives" — Molotov, Voroshilov, Kaganovich were afraid of radical transformations, can be "Institute for Jewish women," said its say. But the main trump Khrushchev became — Zhukov, who were backed by the military. For the military, Beria was a common opponent, the head of the Interior Ministry and secret services. Was at Zhukov and personal motive, which does not paint this leader — Beria opened "trophy operation" marshal, when he had brought from Germany a lot of values. Then Marshal Stalin fell out of favor.

July 10, 1953 in the capital led troops. According to the official version, Beria was arrested as a "conspirator" in December shot. In fact, this son says Beria — Sergo, well, he blabbed Khrushchev, Beria immediately destroyed. Feared that his repulse. After the murder of the Plenum of the Central Committee convened, where the accused Beria "criminal assault on party management of the company," "plans restoration of capitalism" and declared it "a British spy." Under the pretext of "exposure conspiracy" Khrushchev offered to "strengthen management of the party at all levels of the party and state apparatus" (ie completely bury the plans of Stalin and Beria, the suspension of the party's state power), ultimately the head of the party, Khrushchev, Malenkov and walked.

Having driven a wave of terror: shot "Beria's executioners" — Dekanozov Kob
ulov and, although they did not have a case for punitive organs, but engaged in the exploration, diplomacy. Held a "cleansing" in academia who oversaw Beria. Was deliberately destroyed his beautiful system of strategic intelligence. The best professionals in this field — Reichman, Eytingtona, Sudoplatova, Mexica, Milstein, nicks, Korotkov, Polyakov and other repressed. Part executed, the other planted, third-fired. It is necessary to mention another exciting moment — a "rink" were the ones who provided the establishment of the USSR nuclear weapons and organized the elimination of Trotsky.

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