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Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

"The History of Oswald" was the 28th book Mailer, and his conversation with me in November 1995, the first interview with Belarusian journalists.

— About the Kennedy assassination have written hundreds of books — why did you decide to join this club?

Norman Mailer

— I belong to this club — unofficially, because not previously written on this subject — more than 30 years. Although I began to collect material for a book about Oswald's only 29 years after the murder. I was shocked by the murder. I started to write on the assumption that Oswald was a member of the conspiracy, that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Within 6 months of searching in Belarus, then after returning to America after spending nearly two years on this book, I came to the grim conclusion that Oswald could easily do it myself. I ended up being told that 75% probability that the case of Oswald. You know, in business and in the exploration of the probability of love is measured in percentages.

The copyright on the book "The History of Oswald", in addition Mailer, belong to film director and journalist Lawrence Schiller. Mailer worked with him on his previous bestsellers including on a biography of Marilyn Monroe. It Schiller, as explained to me Mailer, found materials KGB archives.

— This is what happened: Schiller approached me in 1991 and said — look, he will be able to get the materials KGB. Or I would be interested in working on a book about Oswald? I said — yes. He says you may have to go to Minsk for six months. I said olrayt, I'm going! I am excited by the opportunity to get to these folders.

It seems that in 1991 (when it defended the White House in Moscow?) It was discovered sometime during the year. Only the KGB did not know where these materials are located. Schiller — Extraordinary trader, and he began to speak to the KGB.

— Let's go back to the materials you received.

— The following happened: first, the KGB agreed. But while in Germany began to open the names of agents of the Stasi. And this has created a hell in East Germany. Many people were Stasi informants, they were in a very unpleasant situation and complained bitterly. And then the Belarusian KGB have any other thoughts about the vows they were given.

— Who did you reach the first in the documents?

— In September 1992, we arrived in Minsk. We have had contact with the KGB, with whom we meet regularly. We asked when we can get this or any other document, and he said, This is now being discussed in committee.

— What kind of materials you have requested?

— Well, we would like to have everything that was in their case. So sounded their original promise — we'll get the full deal Oswald.

— How did they react to your requests?

— The response was this: we have a problem. A lot of people would suffer if these documents are opened. It's a long story, which lasted six months. Something they gave us, something we have extracted from the back door. We mined materials in different ways, and got quite a lot of stuff. But it was very, very difficult.

— Where it was easier to communicate with the officers of the KGB in Minsk or Moscow?

— In Moscow. First of all, we were talking with a very senior members of the KGB. In Moscow, people were very interested, and helped us to — to a certain extent. We met with high-ranking officials KGB, mostly in retirement — because they had less to lose in retirement. And they were sincere with us.

— How do you find them?

— You should understand that the Moscow KGB helped us. They have good relations with the public service. It is no longer the Soviet Union. This is a brand new Russian republic. At the head of the KGB were new people. And their attitude was, we want to have good relations with the United States, it is widely known American writer, and let him help you. And they helped us with contacts. We conducted interviews with 17 employees of the KGB.

— Where you met with them — in their offices, a hotel room? ..

— We went to the Lubyanka — where we had a number of conversations. In Minsk, basically we interviewed in our office. We had a small office in Minsk.

— You recorded your conversations on tape or were notes?

— We recorded on tape.

— What about the pictures — you had a camera?

— No, we decided not to take pictures, they do not like being filmed. None of them had agreed to in the book cited real names.

— You work with documents in the office?

— No. It was in the center of the city.

— You were alone when working with documents?

— With me were the translators. It was a whole team — we worked on four. Lyudmila Perasvetava was our main translator.

— You are allowed to make the documents?

— No, no, no. They gave us the documents from time to time. More specifically, copies of documents. Then we have them translated and studied.

— It was a folder in full or selected pages?

Norman Mailer book "The History of Oswald"

— Folders are just a small part of what we were working in Minsk. The main steel interviews of people who knew Oswald. We started with the idea that we will do what we want, on the basis of the KGB, but ended up really exciting series of interviews with people who knew Oswald. We got a much better picture of Oswald in Minsk and Minsk in the early 1960s.

Book Mailer became a conductor on the Minsk hero's life. Mailer has opened many doors and peered into the corners, where for decades untouched by the researcher, and not just a researcher in civilian clothes (in plain clothes, which are typically taken in quotation marks).

The American did what had would make a local author.
On such a blow to the ambitions of offense was not necessary.

It was shot on the ambitions and the ball — and he was now on the Belarusian side of the field.

Following tomorrow.

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