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In the summer we held a congress of people-the "x", and now, please respond to those who have other equally amazing psychic abilities

In the article "The session telepathy Orinoco — Moscow" ("KP" on October 22. G) we talked about the upcoming grand experiment on transfer of thoughts from a distance. Will conduct its scientists from St. Petersburg State Technical University and the Central Clinical Hospital Ministry of Railways. In the article we asked readers to send in their stories "sessions of spontaneous telepathy," when they were able to catch the thoughts of others, or to inspire someone on your own. Today, as promised, print the most interesting responses.

Messing was a magician

In the early 1960s, our team has worked in Vladikavkaz on reconstruction of the plant. In the club came famous psychic Wolf Messing to show their skills in guessing the thoughts away. We came up to him a difficult screening test. On paper, haphazardly written letters of the alphabet, put it in an envelope, which was hidden in his jacket pocket Leschi our leader. And in her purse technique Wali put scissors, among other things. It was necessary to cut Messing three letters and then made one word "peace." We did not believe that such a complex task is doable. However, Messing took Valya's hand, quickly pushed to Loesche, took an envelope out of his pocket, pulled out the paper. Then he asked Valya open purse. Instantly the entire contents of the selected pair of scissors, cut into squares and alphabet, selecting three letters, raised his hand to them, exclaiming: "For the peace of the world!" Hall burst into applause.
Ed Baratz.

My silent cry called for help

He worked as an electrician at one time. And one day I had to replace the power box in one piece. In order to "de-energize" the box and safely, it was necessary to go far in the other building. On the way I meet two strangers of contract assembly companies. I exchanged glances with one and went on to a transformer box in the next room, closing the door behind him. I work in the dark, knowing that a centimeter from the left wrist pass conductor rails. Just started to clean up his hand, he understood that this was hooked for hours for a bus (the good cloth strap was). I can not break away, the body is in the throes of the language in the throat — do not cry. Got it — go nuts. And do not fear, but this took me a burning shame. The fact that I'm only a couple of months ago with the band "leaned" only understood how to live, his son ten years old, his wife is young. Then I mentally cried out to the peasant, with whom we recently looked at each other. Help! And lost consciousness. Woke up in the "ER", where a nurse told me that saved me the guy I mentally called for help. Later he told me he told me that at that critical moment for me unexpectedly heard my cry somewhere in his head.
Igor Shiroglazov.

Calls soul

At the weekend agreed to meet with a girl, and in the evening I had to call her. So call her. Busy! I wait a bit and call again. Again busy. Called at different time intervals twenty times and on mobile, and home — busy! I was beginning to think that she just does not want to talk to me. And then it turned out that we were calling each other at the same time.

I can see right through Domino

1978. March 12. Military school in Zhitomir. On the street, "heat" out of season: 18 degrees. The bright sun. Someone suggested that all — now the cold will not. Everyone agreed with him. Except for me. And I said I'm willing to bet that on 8 April snow will go. Argued for a certain amount of money. April 7 was beautiful weather, and I thought I would lose. And the debt will have to give. But the 8th in the afternoon to evening so loaded snegopadische! Knee-deep snow drifts. One day after a game of dominoes when people dispersed, scattered look at me "face" up the chips. I say to myself, that'll get all hollow. Pulled straight 6 pieces, the seventh but could not. Then a few times a specially tuned, but did not succeed.

My hunch saved parents

I'm 45 years old, have graduated, now get the second. Just like regular people. But as a child I knew that I did not quite like the others. Often noticed that guess the thoughts of others, have a feeling coming events could even lead to a distance of movement of people. I was amused. But on his gift did not tell anyone. And to whom I could tell that before each exam for admission to college in a dream saw a question of a ticket. Once tried to tell my parents, but I did not believe, and almost paid the price for his distrust of me life.

That's how it was. We lived in a wooden house, which was heated by a stove. I'm lying in the evening, I read a book and suddenly realize that would be a tragedy because of the stove. I tell my mother to open a window, and then suffocate. But to my request did not even pay attention. And at night I woke up from his father kneeling over his mother, who lies unconscious on the floor, and shouts: "Helen, do not die!" On the stove, something happened, and smoke poured into the room where my mother was asleep. It was saved by doctors.

My mother called me from out of town

One night I was awakened by voices outside the window mom, who lived in another city. She called me by name. The next day I called her in Chisinau, and it turned out that she was in a serious condition in hospital.
Anna Malyshev.

Instead of an epilogue

"Hello! My name is Natalia Baranova. We are all somewhat deluded, believing that telepathy is inherent only in some of us. In fact, it is enjoyed by all. This natural ability, perhaps, on the whole already fading and the only reason is rare. Some researchers injected the human psyche, the term "twilight consciousness" when the connection between the subconscious and consciousness is blurred, almost arbitrary. Telepathy is also associated with the processes of the unconscious. And sometimes you can not remember the dream, just as many people can not take advantage of the gift of telepathy. "

Dear readers!

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Svetlana COUSIN November 27, 2004


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