Kudrin called the controversial steps of the Belarusian government

The head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Alexei Kudrin called the disputed some of the steps of the Belarusian government in the economy.

"Limiting the rise in prices in the crisis, when prices are also a definite indicator of the real situation could lead to growing deficit" — Kudrin told reporters on June 16 in St. Petersburg, Interfax reported.

According to Kudrin, the producers will be unprofitable to "work on
artificially low prices. "He noted that prices reflect the real costs:

"For example, if you are already devalued Belarusian ruble on
55 percent, that is, all imported goods in the domestic market
must rise by 55 percent if understate the price of the goods will not be easy. "

According to Kudrin, the market signals, especially in times of crisis, you can not restrict:

"Nevertheless We hope that in the coming months, in the coming weeks will be taken additional measures to stabilize — our credit also serve as a basis for stabilization. "

The first tranche of the credit crisis in Belarus in the amount of $ 800 million may be listed in June, said Alexei Kudrin.

EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund on June 4 has decided to allocate Belarus a loan of $ 3 billion over three years.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Finance noted that, under the terms of the loan, identified indicators of measures to stabilize the Belarusian economy, which will provide the following tranches:

"Another installment in the This year, can go to $ 440 million, somewhere in November and December. "

Among the conditions of the loan — for the privatization of assets in order to improve the balance of payments, as well as the improvement of the foreign exchange market.

According to Kudrin, another condition is the specification of the functions of the National Bank of Belarus, to avoid excessive emission of money.

The terms on which credit is allocated, will be published in the near future, Kudrin said.

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