Kudrin refused. But Mavrodi offers help

30 percent depreciation of the ruble, according to representatives of the National Bank — is not devalued, and the reaction to market relations in the financial sector. There's no rule that under favorable conditions, the current high rate may even go back to the official. What is, however, skeptical experts and representatives of the banking business. According to them, not to the same solicitations National Bank, the initial jump would exceed 50%. In this case significant changes in the foreign exchange market is not observed: Dollars at exchange points can not be bought even by 4000 rubles. Meanwhile, currency dealers are buying up American money for 4500 rubles.
Letting go of the ruble under strict state supervision, the National Bank stated: The ultimate goal of such a move — vyravnovvanne multiplicity of courses, which were formed as a result of excessive demand for foreign currency. Analysts at the same time clarify: this is unlikely to unity will be based on current rates, even commercial banks, not to mention the official figures of the National Bank. From now on, from 8% to 12% of the corridor widens ruble to a basket of currencies, the OTC market rate remains at 5,000 rubles per dollar. Says Doctor of Economics, Professor Vladimir Kulazhenko, with lack of currency in exchange offices, these factors contribute little to return to their previous financial position:

"Exchange rate — the ratio of purchasing power of different currencies of countries with each other. And because the purchasing power of the ruble has declined, there is definitely a market influence in this direction is mandatory. This axiom. Short, first 4000, then maybe 4500, and it is unknown More, in which the figure is all over. "
Reporter"On the eve of bank employees admitted that the National Bank strongly urged not to raise the rate higher than 4000. Generally, do you think: at what rate will appear in the currency exchange offices?".
"You know, asked the National Bank in markets is only a request to which you can respond, but you can ignore. Indeed the market — the structure is very naughty. Regarding the same course consider that today somewhere in 4500 — is an adequate proportion. Accordingly, the exchange rate will fall by half compared to the official. That is, will be 4,500 rubles to the dollar, and then we can expect a recovery. at least a temporary normalization. "
By employees of banks specific predictions about the possibility of saturation of the market exchange do not. They remind: National Bank has once again confirmed that the currency for exchange will not sell, and exporters in uncertainty try to keep the proceeds in dollars and euros with you. Expect the same that will suffer massively citizens to take the currency, with the adventures of her purchased, unfounded. Said a representative of one of Minsk banks:
"The position of the National Bank is clear — look for the currency anywhere. Exporters revenues simply "put pressure". That is, keep the currency, not sold, but are only allowed to their needs — for taxes on earnings. Sell only as a last resort, hoping that the rate will increase. And rightly so: well, why in such a situation, they get rid of it? If we rate yet truly has been the market depended on the demand and supply side, to some extent, could indeed be lower. To at least for two to three days even began to decline slightly, the exporters will surely be thinking that it makes sense to sell the currency right now, do not wait, it will be even lower. After all, you can only lose tomorrow. "

Financial assistance to the Belarusian authorities nowhere to wait. Human rights violations and dozens of political prisoners, transparent elections, harassment of independent media, anti-Western rhetoric has caused the fact that Belarus has got a list of rogue, which does not want to. Experienced as an ally Russia if something promises, then increasingly in exchange for structural reforms, or at strategic locations. Belarusian official person said nothing to the statement of the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, that Moscow does not consider the possibility of financing from its own budget of the Belarusian economy, as stated previously. This is despite the fact that Belarusian officials have distributed yet received one billion dollars Russian.
But with the Anti-Crisis Council intensified scammers international scale. Creator of infamous in the early 1990s, the financial pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi recorded a special video message to Alexander Lukashenko. In the 10-minute video Mavrodi, who had already served a long sentence for financial afery, asks "carte blanche" on arrival in Belarus in order to save the country "from the catastrophic consequences of economic policy advisers Lukashenko today":
"So: is there a way out? Appeal to you, Alexander G.. Going out to eat, and very simple. Allow MMM in Belarus. Give blessing me carte blanche, open items in all departments of the savings bank, and I have a month (well, two) will link the resources of the population, stop it stop it falling inflation and the Belarusian ruble. So, I do not have any doubt that I could do it. And I already showed in 1994 in Russia, where MMM restrained inflation, although there was a situation more heavier — Russia Belarus peerless more, and there were even more difficult. And yet, MMM successfully restrain inflation. So I do not doubt that I could do it and in Belarus. "

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