Kuzbass yeti, found a backpack with canned meat, I could not open it

January 5, 2012 9:58

Photo: Larissa MAXIMENKO

The district Valery Topakov (right) in the fall, he participated in the international expedition of scientists 5 countries and then learned how to look like Bigfoot footprints. Photo: Larissa MAXIMENKO

Hunter had an unplanned experiment Azasskoy near the cave.
Valery Topakov, District of Ust-Kabyrzy hunter and almost 40-years of experience, participated in the expedition fall, look for the "snow" man in Mountain Shoria, along with scientists and cryptozoologists from 5 countries. And he was in the same expedition with Nikolai Valuev too.

— I, along with the scientists then saw a clay floor Azasskoy huge caves traces of unknown humanoid creatures. Scientists then rejoiced and the next, and found fur yeti. I'm in the shower — believed and did not believe — says Valery Topakov. — Because in Shors centuries it was thought that Master of Taiga and Taiga Spirit, which scientists now believe the Yeti, here in Mountain Shoria always lived. But this same Spirit. And follows a true spirit never left and would not leave …

And then Topakovu had to take to the cave one group of tourists.

— And I took them on a track not yeti, and 100 meters from it. There's a swamp, it is difficult to go. And there I end up helping tourists dropped my backpack. I thought that then I will take away, on the way back.

But back again he led the group on a different path.

And Hunter Topakov, District, turned and looked into the remote, taiga Azasskuyu cave in a week.

— There is nothing new in the cave was not. But when I remembered the abandoned backpack and found it, it was not myself, — Valery Topakov. — Backpack was intact, although it lay a loaf of bread and a pot of stew. But next to the backpack is well etched huge footprint Yeti. I well remember that when I left the backpack, there was no trace. And it is — a fresh trail.

Why bigfoot not eaten bread, why not take care of the stew? Hunter believes that the Yeti, or unable to open, or decided not to touch a strange object, or this food is "snow" people just do not fancy. After all, no one does not know what he actually eats in the forest, especially in winter.

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