Land in Finland shook unusually strongly

In Finland, on Tuesday night there was an unusually strong earthquake for the area.

Seismological agency has recorded Puolanka (Puolanko) earthquake with a magnitude of 2.1. Later, it was clarified that the magnitude was 2.

Jari Kortstrem seismologist said the newspaper "Iltasanomat" ("Iltasamoat" — "Evening News") that earthquakes of such force is very rare in Finland. "Their strength is from one or two in a few years," — he continued on.

Over the last year in Finland recorded 34 earthquakes.

The strongest earthquake since 1965 was February 17, 1979 in Alajärvi (Alajarvi), its magnitude was 3.8.

Information about the earthquake in Puolanka received in seismological agency of a local resident.

The first information about the earthquake was published in "Julia Kainuu" ("Yle Kainuu") with the words resident Puolanka Terttu Kyahkonena who woke up in the wee hours of the earthquake.

"I heard a strange hum, such as if thunder was heard underground. House was shaking quite considerably. Immediately I thought it was the same earthquake as happened a few years earlier, as the sound was the same, the same feeling," — said Kyahkonen correspondent "Julia Kainuu" ("Yle Kainuu").

According to seismologists at Jari Kortstrema earthquake Puolanka no connection with the earthquake in Japan, or depending on him.

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