Last season the Union for communism

Company back in '20 all politically conscious citizens Soviet Union stuck to the blue screens — hurt. After all, in those naive days of state-level events — all there congresses, conferences, parliamentary sessions — were the focus of people's attention … Well, it is now the World Cup. July 2, 1990 began the last championship Union communism.

Huge sedentary bruiser — the Communist Party — went on the field to himself panazabivats goals. Just now, in March, has been canceled Article 6 of the Constitution, there was talk of shmatpartyynastsi even rename the managerial roles in something of the breed of "democratic socialism" or "centralism" … Shakhtar Fornications directly from the podium for a vote for the dismissal of the Central Committee — General Secretary Gorbachev confused in prophetically muttered: "By this issue We'll be back … "

What are we, virgin vuaerysty, expected from this senseless and solemn action, from the vast body of stupid party, which has always played with itself? We would like to see the suicide party — only public seppuku could save her honor after many decades of anti-aesthetic control. Mayakovsky dreamed about celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the October Revolution, in conjunction with the Martians, we, the descendants of which seemed to him by the alien. For our eyes tired of red and gold Byzantine scale, our hearts longed for one thing: "Let's just no drama."

But it turned out that the party was not manly. Longed life, power, even respect. Gorbachev surprised everyone when he announced that he was "for managerial type of party — not for parliament." And it was almost quite alone, his speech with some reasonable, more or less specific formulations. The rest — a vast emptiness. Inflated this emptiness, poknulasya Party a year later. She tottered on all sides, and hoping to maintain their privileges, and to please the people, and to preserve a decent look. Like a red rag in front of the muzzle angry bull.

Phenomenal fiasco Committee. This experience is used in many countries: preserving, exterminating, perafarbovvayuchy own "communism." A Our country, which hosted the very first congress of the party, is at all with it some mystical relationship. It is, rather, her last breath — dying void — as in our air is filled. It is known that until recently there were two Communist Party: both any side not in power, the opposite … a double zero on the scale. What is the difference between the hands of their ideals and, further, between the sum of the ideals and the ideals of the officious, which one tried to fight, the other — trying to work with? In 2003, the year in an "ideological" conference, the head of state will take care of even invent your own term for "communism" to secure a part of the modern state idea. … But something was silent, incomprehensible: here and patriotism, and the competition, and all-all-all. Again, a wide range of Burydanav.

But the thinness went quieter. Our lovely Tuteyshynya becoming more and more like a country, which was the dream major Russian fiction of the 90's fishermen in the story "The gravity flyer Crown Prince." The writer introduced a society where all faiths — even political — though pushing each other's sides, but do not realized something in common. Even careful guests from Moscow to Minsk notice: "It is likely that you will soon everything will be fine thus, that the Communists will take care of justice, the fascists — the healthy way of life and historical memory, liberals — about individual liberty and well-being, anarchists — a heart of society and animals. " For a sleepy idyll, of course, is still very far away. But in the air we feel the breath of the CPSU stagnant times … opium for the government.

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