Learning to sleep properly

Learning to sleep properly

The need for sleep is an absolute for a man, for that matter, and for all other wildlife. During sleep, the brain and throughout the body takes a lot of active processes, such as growth hormone and sex hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth and sexual development of the person.

Normal sleep is the average rate of 7-8 hours, although individual need for sleep can vary from 3 to 12 hours. For example, Napoleon slept 4-6 hours a day, and Einstein, on the contrary was long sleepers as well as many other gifted individuals. At the same time sleeping, you need a specific person — the value is almost constant. Although today you can sleep longer than tomorrow, depending on the circumstances, but the number of hours of sleep per week or month for almost the same — the difference from week to week, usually less than an hour.

Experts distinguish between two types of sleep: "fast" (with dreaming) and "slow" (without dreams). To determine whether seesman sleep, you can even without special equipment. You just have to watch his eyes closed. If eyeballs are moving quickly under the eyelids, theman a dream. If you wake him up at this point, he will be able to tell in detail the content of dreams. Typically, per night recorded 5-7 REM sleep episodes total of 1,5-2 hours. "Slow" sleep too heterogeneous and divided into four stages, each of which has important physiological characteristics, though not discernible without the proper equipment.

Sleep and dreams are still one of the least studied areas of the human psyche. Nowadays, hardlysomeone can argue that we dream at the behest of the god of dreams Morpheus, but a single scientific theory of the origin of dreams as there was no, or not. That, to a certain extent, explains the large number of hypotheses and superstitions concerning dreams.

The most common when it comes to trying a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, to date, two hypotheses are formulated once in the works of Carl Gustav Jung and M. S. Setchenov. The first is that dreams are reflected in the images and impressions, imprinted in the unconscious and the genetic memory of the person. The second is based on the fact that in the dream is chaotic disinhibition of brain cells — neurons, and the content of dreams depends on a variety of stimuli coming into the brain of a sleeping internal organs. Intime Sleep when the brain "OFF" from environmental analysis, the threshold for pulses from penetrating internal organs is reduced, andman may perceive those who are awake perception "ignored."

General recommendations for sleep hygiene:

  • The best way to ensure a good night's sleep is the strict observance of sleep. In particular, try to get up at the same time, regardless of how much you sleep.
  • One of the most effective means of antistress considered exercise. The best time for employment — from 17 to 20 hours, but in any case, you should stop training for at least 90 minutes before bedtime.
  • Try taking caffeine products (coffee, tea, Pepsi-Cola, coca-cola and chocolate), not later than6-8 hours before bedtime. Later in the afternoon it is also desirable to reduce the number of cigarettes, because nicotine has a strong stimulant effect. And do not abuse alcohol: even moderate doses may significantly decrease the duration of the deep stages of sleep and to determine intermittent and Unrefreshing sleep.
  • If you get better rest at a party or a business trip, you can assume that your insomnia — it is a manifestation of the negative reflex to the bedroom. It is recommended to change the situation in a bedroom or move it to another room.
  • Try to solve all the existing problems before going to bed or to postpone their decision until tomorrow.
  • Avoid late meals. As a last resort, try not to eat for dinner foods that cause flatulence (nuts, beans or raw vegetables). If You stick to a diet, it is desirable to easily bedtime snack.
  • Before going to bed regularly perform actions aimed at mental and physical relaxation. It may be light stretching or warm bath to reduce physical stress, exercise self-suggestion or listening to tapes with soft music for mental relaxation. Whichever method you choose, follow this ritual every night until it becomes a habit.

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